650 000 PEUGEOT customers and rewards for TELEMAINTENANCE the connected after-sales service | Media Peugeot International

650 000 PEUGEOT customers and rewards for TELEMAINTENANCE the connected after-sales service

  • PEUGEOT brand provides personalized monitoring of the vehicle for more safety and serenity,
  • This service has been recently recognized by winning 2 Awards,
  • TELEMAINTENANCE is now available on electrified vehicles.

The TELEMAINTENANCE service simplifies the customer's life by informing them of the deadline for maintenance or the need for an intervention. The embedded telematics unit feeds back the information that is transmitted after analysis to the Brand's customer service. The latter contacts the customer and offers them an appointment at the point of sale of their choice.


Available since 2016 to new ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles buyers, TELEMAINTENANCE is now accessible to a wider audience:

  • Customers of electrified  vehicles (PHEV & BEV),
  • Individual customers of used ICE Vehicles, who can subscribe anytime via the MyPeugeot application,
  • Professional customers with less than 5 vehicles, who buy a new compatible vehicle in the PEUGEOT brand network.

This service rated 9/10 has received an excellent recommendation rate (65%). It was recently awarded 2 Awards: ‘Best embedded Data solution and Customer experience’ at DataFestival 2020 in France and the ‘Cercle Montaigne Digital Innovation Trophy’ in Belgium.

TELEMAINTENANCE service now has more than 650.000 customers from the PEUGEOT brand. It is available in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Its extension to all of Europe is underway.

« We are proud of our customers’ satisfaction with TELEMAINTENANCE, which also greatly improves loyalty to our brand and our network, » declares Linda Jackson, Peugeot Chief Executive Officer.