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Bombardier Transportation partners with Peugeot Design Lab to reposition and develop a worldwide product branding strategy

Mon, 17/09/2018 - 12:00

Bombardier Transportation, a global leader in rail technology, turns to the expertise of PEUGEOT’s Global Brand Design studio in order to redefine its brand positioning and improve its brand recognition. Together, the teams have created a new product design signature for Bombardier Transportation. This new product identity will be revealed at the international InnoTrans exhibition for Transport Technology in Berlin (Germany) from 18 to 21 September.

Bombardier Transportation collaborates with Peugeot Design Lab to redefine its brand strategy:

“We want passengers to recognize that they are traveling on a Bombardier train and feel good about it. That’s why we undertook a strategic initiative to reposition Bombardier Transportation with a strong and unique product branding, which embodies what our company is about: quality, performance and style.

We worked on this project in close collaboration with Peugeot Design Lab, leveraging their expertise in brand perception and quality from the automotive industry to create a recognizable and clean design concept that is applied consistently across all our rail platforms”, said Pierre-Yves Cohen, President, Product Engine Rolling Stock, Product Management & Engineering, Bombardier Transportation.

Over the last year, the designers at Peugeot Design Lab have worked with the Bombardier Transportation teams in order to create the brand positioning and the product design language for the rail mobility solution provider. They also proposed new processes, organization and methodology in order deliver on the brand’s new promise.

“We are very proud to support Bombardier Transportation in this strategic initiative. It is a unique opportunity for us to apply the 130+ years of PEUGEOT’s mobility experience to the rail industry.” explained Cathal LOUGHNANE, Head of Peugeot Design Lab.

Bombardier Transportation reinvents its brand positioning:

Peugeot Design Lab and Bombardier Transportation worked together to create a brand book, which defines the identity, vision and brand image for this leading railway mobility provider. Applying the experience learned from recent Peugeot Brand repositioning, they studied Bombardier’s history, culture and values, in order to develop their new brand bible.

Three core brands values emerged from this research:

  • ANTICIPATION of the customer and passenger’s expectation of the connected future in cities around the world
  • TRUST in the technological excellence and reliability of Bombardier Transportation rail solutions
  • EMPATHY with its customers and passengers, in order to offer transport solutions tailored to the individual operators’ and traveler’s needs

Bombardier Transportation redefines its product brand identity:

The objective of product brand identity is to develop a coherent worldwide design signature in order to strengthen the perception of Bombardier Transportation’s values. These guidelines set out the exterior and the interior design codes for all future trains. This new product identity is consistent with the values of ANTICIPATION, TRUST and EMPATHY. It is based on Bombardier Transportation’s latest product platforms: ZEFIRO (very) high-speed trains, TRAXX locomotives, INNOVIA automated people movers and monorails, MOVIA metros or FLEXITY trams.

"We have chosen to modernize the current design theme of the front face of our trains, called the “Speed ​​Collar”. Not only is this new product identity consistent with the current generation of trains but it helps creating a higher quality product through a more structured, modern and distinctive design. It is also very adaptable to our customers’ needs and allows creating more characterful trains, either in a welcoming and empathetic design direction, or in an iconic and dynamic design treatment,” explained Michael SOHN, Head of Industrial Design for Bombardier Transportation.

This signature will be revealed at InnoTrans 2018. The leading international trade fair for transport technology takes place every two years in Berlin (Germany) and drew over 140,000 professional visitors in 2016.