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The lion brand enters two PEUGEOT 504s in the Tour Auto 2018

Mon, 16/04/2018 - 09:00

Competing for the third year running in the Tour Auto, PEUGEOT is entering a PEUGEOT 504 Saloon and a PEUGEOT 504 Coupé in the 27th edition of this race. This year these two legendary and popular historic vehicles celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. From 23 to 28 April 2018, Team PEUGEOT 2018’s four drivers and navigators are set to defend the brand’s colours in the “Regularity Category”. The two PEUGEOTs, sporting the numbers 66 and 67, will cross France from Paris to Nice, covering some 2,200 km alongside six PEUGEOT assistance and press cars. Jean-Pierre NICOLAS, brand ambassador for this year’s race, will accompany the team for the duration of the Tour.

Two experienced crews for the 50th anniversary of the PEUGEOT 504

This year the PEUGEOT 504 celebrates its 50th anniversary, with the new PEUGEOT 508 following its predecessor along the minor roads of France. At launch, the car caused a stir with its surprising style, designed by the brand in partnership with Pininfarina. Its outstanding road handling confirms PEUGEOT’s excellent reputation in this area around the world. Voted car of the year in 1969, some 3,700,000 PEUGEOT 504s were produced, resulting in the vehicle’s status as a legendary and popular car. Both the saloon and coupé versions won fame in the formidable rallies of Africa and South America.

This year’s Team PEUGEOT 2018 comprises:

  • the PEUGEOT 504 saloon crew, sporting no. 66: Mathieu SENTIS and Gaëtan DEMOULIN
  • the PEUGEOT 504 coupé crew, sporting no. 67: Etienne BRUET and Laurent PICARD
  • six assistance and press vehicles: two new PEUGEOT 508s, one PEUGEOT 3008, one PEUGEOT 5008 and two PEUGEOT Experts.

PEUGEOT 504’s decoration was designed by PEUGEOT Styling

As in the two previous races, the teams of Gilles Vidal, Head of Styling at PEUGEOT, revisited the history of the competing vehicles and designed the liveries of both PEUGEOT 504s. Their decoration is inspired by the African PEUGEOT 504s, with a light blue line running along the upper part of the sides and on the bonnet and boot.

Jean-Pierre NICOLAS, ambassador for the Lion brand at the Tour Auto

Former Peugeot Sport Director, Jean-Pierre NICOLAS, will accompany Team PEUGEOT in this historic race. The PEUGEOT 504 has had a distinguished career in motor sport. At its wheel is Jean-Pierre NICOLAS, winner of three world championship rallies, with the saloon in 1976 in Morocco, and twice with the coupé in 1978, in the East African Safari and Bandama rallies. He will be supporting Team PEUGEOT for the duration of the race.

The Classic PEUGEOT Adventure will provide assistance

The two 2018 PEUGEOT 504s belong to Jean-Pierre NICOLAS and have been prepared by Multi Motion Garage, headed by Julien NICOLAS. This year, the PEUGEOT Adventure Classic PEUGEOT spare parts service is working alongside the Multi Motion Garage teams to provide assistance to the crews.

MICHELIN is also a race partner, providing active support for the tyres of both vehicles.

LEGEND 504 Lifestyle collection designed by PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB

To celebrate 50 years of the PEUGEOT 504 and to mark the occasion of the PEUGEOT 504s’ entry in the Tour Auto 2018, the Lion brand is launching a new collection of T-shirts, caps, mugs, badges and miniatures, designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab teams and called LEGEND 504.

Its neo-retro style will charm enthusiasts of this legendary model.

The LEGEND 504 Lifestyle collection is now available at the PEUGEOT online store



The PEUGEOT 504s’ 2,200 km long trek can be followed from 23 April 2018:

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