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MYPEUGEOT the application that makes everyday life easier


In this age of digitalisation and the Internet of Things, the smartphone has become an essential accessory, including in the automotive world. In order to offer the best possible user experience and to best meet the expectations of its customers, PEUGEOT is developing its new vehicles around digital technology, and offers ever more innovative features.

Thanks to the MyPeugeot application, the smartphone is becoming the first point of contact between the customer, the brand and its dealer network. A number of practical functions enable customers to stay connected to their vehicles in all circumstances.

Free of charge and available on iOS and Android, the MyPeugeot application makes it possible to manage all vehicle-related services from the same interface. With a single click, the application displays all driving statistics, the entire maintenance logbook, anticipates future maintenance operations, accesses all vehicle documentation or enables users to prepare their journey from their smartphone.

MyPeugeot also includes services dedicated to rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles.

The MyPeugeot application has been designed to make the daily life of the brand's customers easier by bringing together most of their vehicle's information on a single interface. Autonomy and driving statistics are immediately available from a single control panel. Information on fuel and/or electricity consumption, cost per use, total journey times and vehicle location thanks to automatically recorded parking are all at the user's fingertips.

The MyPeugeot application also enables PEUGEOT customers to manage the maintenance of their vehicles. With a single click, they can access their car's entire maintenance logbook, plan for the next maintenance operations, schedule the next appointments and plan future interventions. The PEUGEOT network is becoming even more accessible, thanks to online appointment scheduling or contact with the Peugeot Assistance service.

MyPeugeot also includes services dedicated to rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles. Thanks to the remote e-Commands service, once the vehicle is connected to the charging station, customers are able to manage the charging from their smartphone. This allows the user to start charging or to plan their charging slots at the right time for them. This function ensures that the vehicle can be charged during the most economical time slots. The user can also monitor the charging speed and the remaining charging time in real time. Should the charging be interrupted suddenly, or when the car is fully charged, the customer is alerted through the application.

This same service enables the temperature on board to be pre-set so that you can take to the road in the most comfortable conditions: pre-heating or pre-cooling of the passenger compartment, whether the vehicle is plugged in or not. The remote e-command service also offers the possibility of anticipating and providing temperature pre-setting slots adapted to each person's schedule.

MyPeugeot also means:

  • Enhancing the driving experience by accessing a range of useful information, such as identifying a light that comes on on the dashboard, requesting help with the touch screen, updating the vehicle's multimedia system or accessing all the on-board documentation,
  • Be able to prepare a trip in advance, from a smartphone. It will then be automatically displayed on the vehicle's navigation system


Through the interface the customer can finally take advantage of all the latest news from the PEUGEOT brand: special offers, competitions, automotive events and new technologies.