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PEUGEOT: 210 years of history and 13 films to relive it all!


On 26 September 2020, PEUGEOT will be celebrating 210 years of boldness, passion and innovation.
A specific global campaign through its Twitter, Instagram, Facebook networks will be launched on October 1st and will run until the end of the month.

You will have access to 13 short 30-second films that recount some of the best moments of PEUGEOT’s history, the oldest automotive brand in the world still in business.
PEUGEOT is a brand shaped by creative people, engineers, designers, who for more than two centuries have been shaking up the rules to rethink the standards of mobility. It is thanks to this partnership of men and women that PEUGEOT has never stopped reinventing itself as a brand and has strengthened itself over the years to face the future with confidence.

What you will find in October on your various digital media:

  1. The PEUGEOT 205
  2. Le Mans 1993
  3. PEUGEOT at the WRC
  4. The employees
  5. The PEUGEOT e-Legend Concept
  6. Pikes Peak
  7. The Charlatans at the Indy 500
  8. The PEUGEOT 404
  9. Armand PEUGEOT
  10. The PEUGEOT Type 1
  11. The PEUGEOT 401 Eclipse
  12. The 6 COTY prizes
  13. The Dakar Rally

1°) The PEUGEOT 205: a car that you can’t help but love.

Production: 1983-1998 with 5,278,050 units.
It's 1983. PEUGEOT gives birth to an idol, one of the rare cars that has been setting the people of France's pulse racing until today: the legendary 205! An ultramodern design, an incomparable look, GTi version, convertible & Roland-Garros editions, 16 victories in the World Rally Championship and 2 in the Dakar Rally, the PEUGEOT 205 has sold more than 5 million in 15 years... The 205 has done quite the number!

2°) LE MANS 1993: Does anything beat standing on the podium?

In 1993, PEUGEOT entered three cars, three 905s, on the start line of the legendary "24 Hours of Le Mans". It was PEUGEOT's last race before moving on to Formula 1. After a fierce battle against the Toyotas, PEUGEOT's domination and victory were undisputed. All three 905s swept to the podium and left no room for their opponents.
After this historic victory, PEUGEOT ended its Le Mans journey. And so began the legend...

3°) The RALLYS: Sand, mud and dust: take a look at the the kingdom that PEUGEOT has ruled for decades.

After winning the 1978 Safari Rally (Kenya) with the 504 Safari coupe, PEUGEOT won the manufacturers' championship with the 205 T16 in its first attempt at the World Rally Championship in 1985.
But it was only the first in a long list of victories. The lion would roar to the top of the podium more than 48 times in total, showing the world the power, endurance and reliability of PEUGEOT cars on any terrain.

4°) The EMPLOYEES. Simply put, there would be no PEUGEOT without them.

If Armand PEUGEOT had still been with us, he would have seen that the adventure he embarked upon alone had grown to include countless associates. He would have seen that their talent, creativity and passion had conquered 160 countries by reinventing tomorrow's mobility every day. He would have seen that, thanks to them and their 110 lines of work, PEUGEOT had become the first car manufacturer to have 3 cars win the prestigious "Car of the Year" award in its range at the same time.

5°) E-LEGEND. Legends are born when the past meets the future.

Paris Motor Show, 2018. The crowd gathers around the PEUGEOT stand. This is where you'd find the undisputed star of the show: the e-Legend, an electric concept car whose design pays homage to the famous 504 coupé... and makes the crowd go crazy. Just a few days after its release, an online petition asking it to go through the series stage collected more than 70,000 signatures. A world first.

6°) PIKES PEAK. One of the most epic, dangerous and wildest climbs on the planet.

In 1988 and 1989, the PEUGEOT 405 T16 won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb twice in a row. It was then another 25 years before the Lion roared on the Pikes Peak podium again - and by Lion we mean Sebastien Loeb and his 208 T16 in 2013. Their mythical time of 8'13"878 broke the record and set new standards for the race.

7°) THE CHARLATANS AT THE INDY 500. Find out why three young men were given this nickname. And how they went on to prove everyone wrong.

This unflattering name was given to three young men who quite simply became the inventors of the modern racing car in the 1910s. Georges Boillot, Jules Goux and Paolo Zuccarelli, all drivers and mechanics at PEUGEOT, opposed the mentality of the "official PEUGEOT engineers" and created the L76, a revolutionary racing car. In 1913, Jules took his car to the Indianapolis 500, the fiercest and most prestigious race of the time ... And became the first European to win it, beating the Americans on their home turf.

8°) The PEUGEOT 404. A car. An icon.

Production: from 1960-1988 with 2,885,374 units.
The PEUGEOT 404 was created 60 years ago with the incredible stroke of a pen by Pininfarina, and quickly became an icon: elegant, modern and incredibly popular, it embodies the new generation of French sedans. Produced in Super Luxe, Station Wagon, Coupé and Cabriolet versions, it sold nearly 3 million units worldwide until 1988.

9°) ARMAND PEUGEOT. “Don’t be afraid! Just believe!” (1849-1915)

A curious, lively and forward-looking spirit: PEUGEOT motorbikes? That's him. The PEUGEOT cars? That's him too. Armand PEUGEOT has always believed in the future of the car, often against all odds. And thanks to his brilliant flair and perseverance, the PEUGEOT lion's roar can now be heard all over the world.

10°) Type 1, 2 and 3. Discover the mothers of all cars!

We are in 1889 and Paris is hosting its hectic World Fair. On its stand, PEUGEOT exhibits a prototype of a steam-powered tricycle. It is the Type 1, the first car model ever built and sold by Armand PEUGEOT. After this experience, Armand was convinced that petrol was the future of the car and creates the Type 2 and Type 3. These are the first of their kind, and 64 of these will be produced.

11°) THE ECLIPSE 401. Meet the invention that went through the roof!

In 1932, a man by the name of Georges Paulin dreamed of driving with the wind blowing through his hair, but without having to deal with the waterproofing problems of convertibles at the time. That's why he invented the electric retractable hardtop.
PEUGEOT bought the patent and tested it on the 301, 401 and 601. The result? A lot of modern updates and incredibly elegant lines... which directly testify to the worldwide success of the PEUGEOT 206 CC 60 years later!

12°) Car Of The Year: 6 times over!

What happened in 1969, 1988, 2002, 2014, 2017 and 2020? Well, PEUGEOT repeatedly won the most prestigious car prize in the world, the Car Of The Year! The 504, 405, 307, 308, 3008 and 208 climbed to the top of the podium, keeping the fierce competition at bay and making PEUGEOT the first and only car manufacturer to have the label three times in its range at the same time! Impossible is not in PEUGEOT’s vocabulary.

13°) DAKAR RALLY: 3 consecutive wins.

Three victories in a row in South America, following in the tyre tracks of their predecessors. This is how PEUGEOT celebrated its return to the most selective and prestigious rally-raid in the world: the Dakar. In 2016 with the 2008 DKR, in 2017 with the 3008 DKR (taking the first three places on the podium!), and in 2018 with the brand new 3008 DKR Maxi, PEUGEOT has really left its mark on these 10,000 km of sand, dust and pure adventure... No wonder the PEUGEOT 3008 became Car of the Year in 2017!