PEUGEOT: the car brand with the best image with the French people


According to a study carried out by YouGov, PEUGEOT is the brand in the automobile sector which has the best image with the French public. The lion's share of the brand is ahead of German manufacturers.

YouGov is an international Internet-based market research company founded in the UK in May 2000. The YouGov group has 21 offices worldwide, across the UK, the US, Europe, the Nordic countries and the Middle East.

YouGov carried out research on a representative sample of almost 14,000 people. This study allows us to better understand the profile of the brand's customers, which tells us that 79% of owners appreciate that their vehicle is well adapted to their family, 36% that the brand's advertising entertains them and 31% of those surveyed buy vehicles made in their country.

This tremendous success crowns the move upmarket initiated by PEUGEOT several years ago, through a racy design and an uncompromising driving experience. In addition to these characteristics, reliability and perceived quality of the highest level have made the Peugeot brand a worldwide reference for 210 years now.


 "On the eve of celebrating our 210th anniversary, we are very proud to be in first place in terms of image with the French public. This is the reward for the work undertaken over several years by the engineering, design and distribution network teams" said Guillaume Couzy, Director of PEUGEOT France..