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PEUGEOT Cycles back to the competition during the MTB and e-MTB French Cup


During the first round of the "Enduro" French Cup of MTB and electric MTB which took place this weekend in Val d'Allos (France), Morgane Jonnier, Elite Driver of the PEUGEOT Cycles Team finished at a very nice 5th place of the MTB event while Nicolas Lau, leading Driver of the Team, was 7th of the electric MTB event. For the 2020 season, PEUGEOT Cycles is a partner of the "Enduro" MTB & e-MTB French Cup. The brand will be present in the EWS-E (Enduro World Series - Electric) international competitions.
The commitment of PEUGEOT Cycles in e-MTB competition is reinforcing the electrification strategy of PEUGEOT, illustrated with its electrified 2- and 4-wheeled vehicles. The competition offers an international showcase for PEUGEOT e-Bikes. The high-performance PEUGEOT eM01 FS PowerTube bike, developed by riders, is their major asset. LE COQ SPORTIF signs their legendary black-and-white chequered jersey. The PEUGEOT Cycles Team, managed by Vincent Ancelin, is reinforced in 2020. Morgane Jonnier, 2 podiums in e-MTB competitions in 2019, becomes a professional rider while Nicolas Lau, Elite rider, will aim for the top 5.

The PEUGEOT Cycles Team‘s comeback in the Coupe de France

Morgane Jonnier, Elite pilot turned professional in 2020, got a promising 5th place during the first round of the women's Enduro MTB competition of the French Cup. In two days, she faced a positive elevation of more than 750 meters during the links between the 10 timed special stages. Nicolas Lau, the Team's leading rider, covered 135 kilometres during the two days. He stepped up his pace against world-class competition to finish in 7th place in the "Enduro" electric MTB competition.
In France, PEUGEOT Cycles is a partner of the e-MTB and MTB “Enduro“ French Cup in 2020. The brand is visible on track side and on social networks, while the Team defends the PEUGEOT colours. PEUGEOT Cycles is involved in the international EWS-E (Enduro World Series Electric) competitions, comparable to e-Mountain bike world championships. They will take place over three rounds in 2020 in Switzerland, Italy and France.
The rounds of the “Enduro“ competitions take place over one or two days during a weekend. The timed special stages comprise a majority of downhill runs and technical climbs with high gradients (> 1000 metres) that put the e-Riders to the test.

Electrification strategy and competition commitment

PEUGEOT deploys its multi-energy vehicle range. The new 208, European Car of the Year and the new SUV 2008 are available with electric, petrol or diesel engines. The 508 sedan and SW as well as the SUV 3008 are available with Plug-In Hybrid or Internal combustion engine.
PEUGEOT Cycles' commitment to e-MTB competition in 2020, after a first great season in 2019, reinforces this strategy. Competition guarantees the reliability of top-of-the-line e-MTB for seasoned cyclists. PEUGEOT Cycles is riding on the success of e-Bikes, which account for 70% of its sales. Riding a PEUGEOT e-Bike means intense driving pleasure in silence.

A high performance e-MTB, a LE COQ SPORTIF brand jersey

The riders’ new weapon is called PEUGEOT eM01 FS PowerTube [e = electric, M = Mountain, 01 = top of the range, FS = Full Suspension, PowerTube = battery built into the frame].
To guarantee top level performance, PEUGEOT Cycles has joined forces with the best partners. ROCK SHOX supplies the suspensions (front fork and shock absorber), SRAM the brakes and transmission, SPANK the handlebars and saddle of the bike. BOCH supplies the battery built into the frame and the bike’s motor, MACH 1 the wheel rims and HUTCHINSON the tyres. Riders will be equipped with IXS protection (elbow pads, kneepads and helmet) and JULBO goggles.
LE COQ SPORTIF has partnered with PEUGEOT Cycles for the design of the riders' jerseys and staff clothing. The two brands have revisited the black and white chequered jersey, emblematic of nearly 120 years of PEUGEOT competition in cycling. This "Win-Win" partnership between two French brands, each hundred-year-old, will take shape in 2020 with a range of lifestyle clothing for PEUGEOT Cycles fans.

Team PEUGEOT Cycles, sharper than ever before

Reinforced, the Team has great ambitions for the competitions in 2020.
"In 2020, I wanted to keep the same team, but strengthen its qualities by giving it more resources. I listened to the riders to improve their results and boost the image of PEUGEOT Cycles. Morgane Jonnier, who is going pro, is 100% dedicated to cycling and can aim for the top 10 in the world. Nicolas Lau can aim for the top 5 in the EWS-E season and podiums in the French Cup. Jean-Roch Vecten will produce videos and meet our fans at mainstream events.” said Vincent Ancelin, Team Manager.
"My transition to pro is a fantastic opportunity. I have my heart set on making PEUGEOT go further. This makes me even stricter and more demanding. Since mid-November, I've been training intensely, loving it and full of optimism: it's crazy but I live for it! The new bike incorporates the best components: I gave everything I had to test and adjust it. I have no more excuses and I have the gumption to win competitions.” said Morgane Jonnier, Professional rider.
"The new bike gives me a big smile, the first turns of the wheel are promising. PEUGEOT has doubled my contract in 2020: it's a great opportunity to optimise my preparation and performance. It's stimulating to have a suitable structure: the relationship of trust with the equipment, the mechanic and the Team Manager makes it easier to take part in competitions. I am familiar with the EWS-E programme, my goal is to achieve podium finishes.” said Nicolas Lau, Elite Rider.