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PEUGEOT Cycles at the Paris Motor Show: four new bikes revealed and eStore launched


PEUGEOT is now offering the eLC01 urban electric bike from the LEGEND range for sale with a neo-retro design. PEUGEOT also unveiled an exclusive preview of three new bikes with an in-frame battery: the eT01 FS and eT01 PowerTube trekking bikes and the eR02 PowerTube road bike. These bikes will be on display at the Paris Motor Show from 4 October. All PEUGEOT bikes are now for sale online in France.

New PEUGEOT eLC01 bike now on sale
(e=electric, L=LEGEND, C=City, 01=top of the range)

This urban bike has all the ingredients for a bestseller with its neo retro styling and modern electric assist technology.

Modern and hi-tech, the PEUGEOT eLC01 is easy to ride. Equipped with an eight-speed transmission, it has a range of up to 70 km. Its compact frame and 24 inch wheels make it easy to handle and agile around the city, the cushioned saddle ensures all-round comfort, disc brakes keep it safe and secure. It is also practical, with its Racktime luggage rack for fast bag attachment.

Its timeless and distinctive styling designed by Peugeot Design Lab builds on the more than 130 years of PEUGEOT Cycles history. The architecture of its ‘single-stay’ frame, which incorporates the rear chain & seat stays into a luggage rack, is directly inspired by the legendary PEUGEOT’s from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Its signature “triple lion” chainset re-edits one of the PEUGEOT’s most iconic components. It is available in White, Blue, Orange, Green and Aubergine. Its chequer pattern symbolises the epic history of PEUGEOT Cycles.

The eLC01 completes the range of PEUGEOT LEGEND bikes and enhances the PEUGEOT e-Bikes offering. On display from 4 October at the Paris Motor Show, it will be on sale online and at PEUGEOT Cycles retailers at the price of €1,399 inc. VAT.

Future PEUGEOT eT01 FS, eT01 and eR02 PowerTube bikes revealed.
(e=electric, T=Trek / R=Road, FS=Full Suspension, 02=mid-range, PowerTube=in-frame battery)

The technological showcase of the PEUGEOT Cycles range, the new Trekking and Road models equipped with their in-frame battery BOSCH PowerTube, are the future of electric bikes.

The PEUGEOT eT01 PowerTube models are versatile electrically assisted trekking bikes. The eT01 FS (Full Suspension) is equipped with rear suspension to complement its front damping. The eT01 frame is available in “mixte” or ”gent” with front suspension on all models. The eR02 PowerTube is an electric road bike that allows riders to extend their road journeys and take on the legendary mountain passes. It is available in both “drop bar” or “flat bar” versions.

Their design has been optimised with placement of the latest generation BOSCH battery within the frame. Their low centre of gravity gives them improved balance and agility. Installing the battery from above protects it from projections. Their BOSCH motors guarantee performance and reliability.

Revealed in an exclusive preview on 4 October at the Paris Motor Show, these new bikes with in-frame battery will on sale from early 2019. They will complete the PEUGEOT in-frame range started with the eM02 & eM02 FS PowerTube Mountain bikes, already available on sale.

Online sales now open at PEUGEOT Cycles

Starting today, all bikes* are for sale online, on the PEUGEOT Cycles website. Future buyers can check the availability of models of the entire range from the comfort of their home. All they have to do is choose the size of the frame, colour of the bike and size of the battery (depending on the model).

Delivery is made at the point of sale closest to their home in metropolitan France. Assembly, preparation, adjustment and handover of the bike will be handled by an accredited advisor.

Online sales represent an additional sales channel for PEUGEOT Cycles, supplementing the network of PEUGEOT retailers, VELO & OXYGEN stores and independent retailers.
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*Based on availability.