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PEUGEOT Cycles : Reconnexion


PEUGEOT Cycles launches the “Reconnexion” campaign in France, from June 23rd to July 1st. Electrically assisted bikes for the city, the road, the trekking and Mountain are immediately available for sale on line. Free delivery is proposed for every e-Bike ordered on the website An exceptional €1,000 discount is applied to the road bikes eR02. After the success story of the selling on line operation at the end of May, these new offers on the PEUGEOT e-Bikes range in stock will meet the enthusiasm of the cyclists. The PEUGEOT e-Bikes in stock are also available from the PEUGEOT Cycles dealers.

New offers for e-Bikes PEUGEOT in stock, available immediately

PEUGEOT Cycles  offers the French to reconnect with their loved ones but also with electric mobility, approaching the summer holidays. This operation echoes the campaign that showcases PEUGEOT electrified vehicles. The e-bikes in stock will meet all the desires of cyclists.

  • The urban and compact e-Bike PEUGEOT eLC01 (e=electric, L=LEGEND, C=City, 01= top of the range), is available in stock in White, Orange or Blue. Its iconic Neo-Retro style makes it irresistible. Its 400 Wh battery provides a range up to 70 kilometres.
  • The urban e-Bikes PEUGEOT eC (e=electric, C=City) are the ideal ones for the City rides. The eC03 (03=entry level) model provides an access to the range of the PEUGEOT e-Bikes. The eC01 (01=top of the range) model, with its sober style, embeds a  300 Wh battery, providing a range up to 80 kilometres.
  • The road e-Bikes PEUGEOT eR02 (e=electric, R=Road, 02= mid-range) are the ideal ones for sporty ridings. The Apex version extends the rides on the road. The Ultegra version let the riders take on legendary mountain passes. Their 500 Wh battery provides a range up to 125 kilometres.
  • The trekking e-Bike PEUGEOT eT01 PowerTube (e=electric, T=Trekking) is versatile. Its BOSCH PowerTube battery (400 Wh) is integrated into the frame and contributes to its pure and sleek design. Its range is up to 110 kilometres.
  • The e-Mountain Bike PEUGEOT eM03 (e=electric, M=Mountain) allows the rider to tackle the steepest gradients. Its 400 Wh battery provides a range up to 60 kilometres.

The PEUGEOT bicycles, available for sale on line

Free delivery is proposed in metropolitan France, for every order on line* on the website: From the comfort of her/his home, the future buyer can check the availability of models of the entire range and chooses the size of the frame (S, M, L or XL) and the colour of the bike. The delivery can also be made at the point of sale closest to the buyer home. An accredited advisor will handle assembly, preparation, adjustment and handover of the bike . The PEUGEOT bicycles in stock are also available from the PEUGEOT dealer network, VELO & OXYGEN stores and independent dealers.  * Depending on available stock.

Prices of the PEUGEOT e-Bikes available in stock: eC03 (City): €1,349 inc. VAT.  eC01 (City): €2,099 inc. VAT. eLC01 (Legend): €1,449 inc. VAT. eR02 (Road) Apex: €2,299 inc. VAT discount deducted, Ultegra: €2,699 inc. VAT discount deducted. eT01 PowerTube (Trekking): €2,699 inc. VAT. eM03 (Mountain): €1,599 inc. VAT. In France, regional, city or state tax incentives will deduce from the “Reconnexion” offers.