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Peugeot Design Lab celebrates its fifth birthday today

Mon, 12/06/2017 - 04:00

The Global Brand Design studio of the PEUGEOT brand, based in Vélizy (France) is dedicated to the creation of non-automotive projects. Over the last five years, the studio has worked on more than 60 projects, including the iconic H160 helicopter designed for Airbus, the PEUGEOT concept food truck and the newly launched Alstom tramway for the city of Strasbourg. A wide range of international clients from many different sectors have accessed the design and industrial expertise of the studio. Intended as a design studio for internal and external clients, it oversees the PEUGEOT Cycles brand and PEUGEOT lifestyle products as well.

Iconic projects across many fields

Over the past five years Peugeot Design Lab has designed some striking products with renowned partners. For example, the H160 helicopter for Airbus, the Alstom-Strasbourg tram, a piano for Pleyel and the “La Marcelle” a rolling oyster bar for Gillardeau. No fewer than 60 customers have called on the studio's expertise to design and develop projects across a variety of sectors: transport, product, energy, sport and aeronautic. The international and French clients range in size from multinationals & SMEs to start-ups.

For PEUGEOT, the studio has designed the “Le Bistrot du Lion” concept food truck and the electrically assisted e-Kick scooter in partnership with MICRO. It has also made its mark on the style of PEUGEOT Cycles, including its latest edition, the electrically assisted eF01 folding bicycle. The studio has designed luggage, watches, jewellery, clothing, toys and certain “table arts” products under the Lion brand.

Industrial expertise, the key to success

PEUGEOT's industrial expertise in creating products outside of the automotive sector is why Peugeot Design Lab was launched in 2012. For over two centuries, the Sochaux-born company has manufactured tools, electrical appliances, coffee mills, and even boats.

 “The expertise of Peugeot Design Lab has sought to deliver cutting-edge projects. The studio takes the agility and creativity of a start-up and combines it with the strength of the PSA Group’s 12,000 engineers and designers, whose 120+ years of automotive design expertise is transposed onto other domains”, asserts Cathal Loughnane, manager of Peugeot Design Lab.

A Global Brand Design studio

Peugeot Design Lab offers a wide range of services covering 3 main domains: the definition of a strong BRAND promise, the DEVELOPMENT of innovative products, and the creation of dedicated industrial processes to DELIVER the products that live up to the brand’s promise. Each client and project is unique, Peugeot Design Lab’s agile structure allows a custom service adapted to any client’s needs. A multicultural team, the studio’s designers are based in the PEUGEOT design centre (the AND), in Vélizy (France). They also work with the designers studios in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and San Francisco.

To connect with new clients, Peugeot Design Lab is focusing on digital technology—its new website is optimised for smartphones, and it has an Instagram and a Facebook account.

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