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Peugeot Design Lab and Expliseat to design the aircraft seats

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 08:00

Peugeot Design Lab, a global brand design studio, and Expliseat, specialising in ultra-light aircraft seats for passengers, have teamed up to design a new generation of seats: the Titanium Seat NEO. Peugeot Design Lab has coordinated a team of automobile experts to create this seat with the highest level of comfort, ergonomics and perceived quality. It will be unveiled on 5th April 2016 at the "Aircraft Interiors Expo" trade show in Hamburg.

In 2013, Expliseat developed the lightest aircraft seats for passengers on the market (4kg), made of titanium and carbon. Since 2014, this seat has been used for economy class seats in Airbus A320s and ATRs for various airline companies. To create and design a new generation of seats, Titanium Seat NEO, Expliseat called upon Peugeot Design Lab's expertise.

"To create the Titanium Seat NEO, we were looking for a partner capable of designing a comfortable and light seat, with a design which embodies our move upmarket and supports our technology. After a year of market research, Peugeot Design Lab's expertise convinced us", declared Benjamin Saada, CEO of Expliseat.

The team of experts managed by the Peugeot Design Lab have taken on the challenge of designing an aircraft seat with 2 to 4 spaces and offering passengers optimal comfort, whilst complying with the weight, architectural and maintenance restrictions specific to the aeronautics industry. Ergonomists, upholsterers, colour and material designers, modellers and manufacturing specialists have also created a model of the seat, whilst maintaining constant contact with Expliseat engineers.

"This project led by Expliseat represents the opportunity to combine the best practices of two industrial worlds. The technical expertise of aeronautical engineers, conveyed through an ultra-light aircraft seat, made of titanium and carbon, and the expertise of automobile ergonomists and upholsterers have enabled us to design a product that neither of us could have created alone", explains Cathal Loughnane, manager of Peugeot Design Lab.

As a result of the partnership between Peugeot Design Lab and Expliseat, the design of the Titanium Seat NEO contributes to the wellbeing of passengers, thanks to a number of innovations: individual spaces instead of a bench seat, lateral lower-back, pelvis and thigh support, in order to keep passengers in place, without impeding their free movement, foam seating to make long-haul flights more comfortable, larger tray-tables with touch-screen tablet media support, giant storage pouches, etc.

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