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PEUGEOT electrifies the 2019 Milan Design Week


PEUGEOT will once again be present at the Milan Design Week, the leading annual international event dedicated to the world of design. PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB has created an immersive light and sound show that plunges the visitor into a unique artistic experience that projects PEUGEOT’s electric transition. At the heart of this show is PEUGEOT’s monumental brand ambassador. The 5m tall Lion sculpture is flanked by a pride of his 40 life size “little brothers”.

The new PEUGEOT 208 & e-208 will also be guests of honour at this year’s Milan Design Week, along with the PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT, and a selection of PEUGEOT Cycles electric bicycles.

Milan Design Week will take place from 8th to 14th April in the famous "Zone Tortona".

Exclusively for Milan Design Week: PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB has created a dynamic light show featuring PEUGEOT’s monumental ambassador. A flowing spectacle of green and blue dichroic graphics resonates across the Lions giant sculpted contours. The public will be able to walk among a pride of 40 lions that flank their bigger brother. This artistic electrification of PEUGEOT’s ambassador is designed to symbolise the brand's vision for an electric future. Empowered by its 208-year long history, PEUGEOT looks forward to this new era and the new opportunities it will bring.

The PEUGEOT lion represents the pride, the strength and the excellence of the Brand. It was created by PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB, a global brand design studio that works with external customers, to design brands, products, services and experiences in all non-automotive sectors.

Welcoming the public to the show will be PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT.

Because boredom is not part of our DNA, because independence does not rhyme with monotony, because the energy transition will not erase 120 years of automobile history, PEUGEOT has created the e-LEGEND CONCEPT. This exciting vision of the future of driving pleasure takes the form of a desirable and iconic vehicle. By adopting a realistic and radically modern template, this projection of the future automobile magnifies the genes and the elegant heritage of the PEUGEOT brand.

The PEUGEOT e-LEGEND Concept car is the epitome of an optimistic, ultra-desirable future: 100% electric, autonomous and connected.

The new PEUGEOT 208, makes its Italian premiere at the 2019 Milan Design Week.

The world is changing and the future holds many questions. In the automotive sector, as is other fields, new challenges call for appropriate responses. Building on its 208-year history, the PEUGEOT brand is calmly and practically committing to the energy transition era, offering an exciting yet reassuring vision of the future: #UNBORINGTHEFUTURE.

New PEUGEOT 208 is a new component in this vision of the future: it asserts a youthful image and communicates all its energy, spontaneity that reflect the values of the PEUGEOT brand -   High Expectations, Style and Emotion. Its lithe appearance epitomises cheerful, sporty vitality, brimming with promise. Its sleek, quality design gives it a high-end look that is perfectly in keeping with the PEUGEOT brand’s up-market strategy. New PEUGEOT 208 is at the core of the B segment, making its own contribution to what makes the PEUGEOT range so successful: assertive design combined with distinctive innovation and technology.

PEUGEOT’s vision of an electric future is not only limited to automobiles, PEUGEOT Cycles will also be presenting:

  • The LU01: a legendary fixie
  • The e-Legend (eLC01): The past meets the future in this ebike designed by Peugeot Design Lab. The e-LEGEND marries one of PEUGEOT CYCLES iconic designs with the latest electric powertrain technology
  • The eF01 folding ebike: Featuring an innovative folding system and an electric motor, this bike is designed to be the ultimate last mile mobility solution.