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PEUGEOT #KickItToBrazil 10,000 more trees for the PEUGEOT-ONF Forestry Carbon Sink in the Amazon

Wed, 07/05/2014 - 17:30

After crossing 20 countries and 5 continents in 60 days, the adventures of PEUGEOT’s globetrotting football came to an end, completing its fantastic journey to Brazil on April 30th. As PEUGEOT promised, more trees will be planted as part of the PEUGEOT-ONF Carbon Sink project.


10,000 more trees reintroduced to the Fazenda Sao Nicolau, the site of the project

At the start of the #KickItToBrazil adventure, the commitment was made by Automobiles PEUGEOT that every contact between a fan and the football, the common thread in this exceptional journey, would lead to the planting of another tree at the PEUGEOT-ONF project in the Amazon.

In total almost 10,000 encounters took place, giving rise to the planting of 10,000 more trees at the Fazenda Sao Nicolau in the Amazon basin, in the state of Mato-Grosso.

Other than the 10,000 additional trees that will join the 2,000,000 already reintroduced (since 1999), as part of the PEUGEOT- ONF Carbon Sink in the Amazon during the next planting season (the rainy season between October and March), the carbon footprint of the journey, 75 tonnes of CO2, will be fully offset by the purchase of certified carbon credits issued by the PEUGEOT- ONF Carbon Sink. These carbon credits will be used entirely for the scientific, ecological and socio-economical purposes of the latter.

An international, social and responsible adventure

The KickItToBrazil operation has been covered every day on the dedicated website and via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social networks.

This journey was the opportunity for PEUGEOT to go out and meet one to one the populations of the world. Every day, photographs and videos relating to these encounters have been posted. Passing through Senegal or on the great wall of China, a detour via Tokyo, to the Stade Bonnal at Sochaux or to the Algiers Motor Show, tattooing session in Russia and ending by paragliding above Rio de Janeiro. All of these exceptional encounters have been the subject of a video in each country crossed.

The PEUGEOT-ONF Carbon Sink at a glance

 A significant contribution over the long term

o 10 million Euros : the initial budget for the project, financed 100 % by PEUGEOT

o 400,000 Euros : the additional annual budget co-financed by PEUGEOT and the ONF (since 2005) a significant part of which is for research

o 40 years : the duration of the project (from 1998 to 2038)

 The Fazenda Sao-Nicolau in figures

o 1999 : the date of acquisition of the land

o 10,000 hectares : the land area (equivalent to Paris proper)

o 72,00 hectares, the land area of natural forest conserved, including 1,800 hectares of Réserve Privée du Patrimoine Naturel (Natural Heritage Private Reservation)

o 1,000 hectares of riverside forest

 A reforestation project with a wide variety of species

o 1,800 hectares of plantation land area (twice the size of the Bois de Vincennes in the Paris region)

o 2 million trees planted

o Biodiversity: 50 species planted including 49 native and one exotic (teak, Tectona grandis). The strongest native species are Figueira Branca (ficus sp.), Aroeira (Astrium sp.),  Paneira (Chorisia speciosa)

 Carbon monitoring

o 13t CO2/hectare/year since 1999 including 110,000 t CO2 certified (VCS protocol)

o A source of finance entirely reinvested in the project

o 5 years : the period for complete carbon balancing of the plantation

 Monitoring biodiversity

o 500 animal species recorded since 2001, including around twenty heading for extinction (e.g.: jaguar)

o 10 classes of insect, the populations of which have been estimated and monitored since 2001

 Local integration

o 5,000 primary school pupils have visited, as part of  the environmental education programs

o More than 150 students representing around ten different institutions have visited for work on university theses

o Around sixty research or technical study projects carried out at the Fazenda

o Support given to players in the region (agro-forestry with small farms and sustainable management of forests)