PEUGEOT reorganizes its car import activities in Serbia and Montenegro

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 10:24
In order to ensure the commercial development of its products and services, Automobiles Peugeot has decided to adopt a regional strategy for the Importation and the Distribution in the Balkan countries. In this respect, Automobiles Peugeot has extended its partnership with the company Euroimpex. As such, from 2014 July 1st, Euroimpex becomes the sole Importer and distributor for Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Created in 1990, Euroimpex started its activities for Peugeot in 1992, achieving significant results in Macedonia during 22 years.After the review of different business cases presented by multiple candidates, Automobiles Peugeot has selected the project which demonstrated the best vision for the future of the Brand in the region. Besides, considering its long experience with the Brand, Verano Motors, the previous partner of PEUGEOT in Serbia is likely to continue its car activities in partnership with Euroimpex in the country as a main dealer.