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The “passion” of 208 in Brian de Palma’s latest film

Wed, 20/02/2013 - 11:45

It is the first role obtained by the 208 in a film distributed internationally. Noomi Rapace, the actress starring in Brian De Palma’s latest film “PASSION”, finds herself in the middle of a Machiavellian plot taking place in her company. Taken by a mad rage, she takes revenge… on her car, which itself never does her any harm.


It is the first time that a Peugeot has had a part in a film by the great American director Brian De Palma. And it is the Peugeot 208, 220 000 of which have already been sold in 2012, that takes this new place.  If this is the first time that the Peugeot 208 has appeared on a big screen this year, it will not be the last…


“ PASSION “ by Brian De Palma, shown for the first time at the Venice International Film Festival in 2012, was released to French cinemas on 13 February 2013. This thriller is a remake of Alain Corneau’s last film “Crime d’amour”. It puts Noomi Rapace (“Millenium”) up against Rachel McAdams, who was recently in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”, a breathtaking and manipulative thriller.


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