The new PEUGEOT 108 joins together with the singer Lykke Li for an ultra-personalised launch campaign | Media Peugeot International

The new PEUGEOT 108 joins together with the singer Lykke Li for an ultra-personalised launch campaign

Wed, 11/06/2014 - 21:00

PEUGEOT is joining together with Lykke Li for the launch campaign of its new PEUGEOT 108, which starts in France on 11 June. This unique partnership between the young Swedish singer-songwriter - who became widely known for her song “I Follow Rivers” - highlights the multi-faceted PEUGEOT 108’s personality together with a multi-talented artist.


PEUGEOT wanted to associate the launch of its new small city car, chic, personalisable and connected, with an artist whose personality and talent expresses well those of the PEUGEOT 108. Chic and sophisticated, the singer Lykke Li has a unique personality whose fan profiles match those of customers for the PEUGEOT 108, who see the car as an extension of themselves, in line with their way of life: connected, personalised, sophisticated... Lykke Li is also very involved in social networks and encourages her fans throughout the world to assert their personality. So the singer perfectly matches the PEUGEOT 108, as the small city car, connected and multifaceted, offers its customers the possibility of creating their own PEUGEOT 108, through 7 personalisation themes and more than 5,000 possible combinations, in a segment where the customer base is mostly female.

A sophisticated and modern campaign

For the launch campaign of the PEUGEOT 108, the brand has chosen the title “Gun shot”, second single from Lykke Li’s album, “I Never Learn”, which was released in May. As part of this partnership, the singer will appear in a commercial for the PEUGEOT 108, while the new “Lionness” will appear in Lykke Li’s clip, which comes out in June.

This partnership is also the sharing of ideas between PEUGEOT and Lykke Li, who contributed to the script for the commercial. To create this film, released on 11 June in France, PEUGEOT chose the French directors Fleur & Manu, who brought their hyper-aesthetic touch from the world of the music clip (Sébastien Tellier, Phoenix, M83…) to create a sophisticated result. Fleur & Manu also created the clip for Lykke Li’s “Gun Shot” title, as well as the print campaign for the PEUGEOT 108. Exclusive content (long version of the commercial, making of, interactive version of the clip …) will also be available on social networks such as Shazam and Youtube.

So this launch campaign aims to be a cocktail of looks, many and modern, to support the brand’s most extrovert city car.