PEUGEOT GOLF TOUR INTERNATIONAL : Style, emotion, modernity and sportsmanship | Media Peugeot International

PEUGEOT GOLF TOUR INTERNATIONAL : Style, emotion, modernity and sportsmanship

Tue, 21/04/2015 - 20:15

2015 brings the latest PEUGEOT international golf competition for amateur players in Europe, Latin America and France's overseas departments and territories. French rounds will take place between April and September, with 41 stages on the calendar, the first few of which get underway in Marseille, Nancy and Libourne this weekend.


A breath of fresh air from across the Andes to the fairways of France’s capital

The 2015 PEUGEOT GOLF TOUR INTERNATIONAL will unfold in eight countries. Events in France will run from 25 April to 6 September 2015, with 41 stages on the calendar. The competition maintains its friendly pairs scramble formula, with the unique addition of playing two different flags on the greens.

One of the first events on the PEUGEOT GOLF TOUR INTERNATIONAL programme will be held in Chile, with the international final hosted at the highly exclusive Saint-Cloud Golf Club in France—promising plenty of thrills from 13 to 15 September!

A campaign that reflects PEUGEOT brand values

With the PEUGEOT GOLF TOUR INTERNATIONAL, the brand is building on the values inherent in golf to reach out to new target prospects while forging lasting ties with current customers. The campaign also cultivates unique contact with local opinion leaders. The world of golf fully embodies PEUGEOT's upmarket shift and offers an environment in which to offer a high-quality, personalised, VIP experience for guests. The competition is an ideal backdrop against which to showcase new PEUGEOT models, including the PEUGEOT 308 and 308 SW GT and GT Line, along with three revamped versions of the high-end PEUGEOT 508, 508 SW and 508 RXH. Each stage will provide an opportunity to present PEUGEOT's complete range through dynamic, distinctive test centres and expo villages.

PEUGEOT and golf: nearly a century of history

PEUGEOT has a close relationship with golf. Ever since Jean-Pierre Peugeot created the first company course in 1929, PEUGEOT has continued to increase its involvement in the golfing world. Partner of the French Peugeot Open for 14 years, official partner of the Lancôme Trophy until 2003, the Spanish Tour, the Portuguese Golf Federation and the French championship for golf instructors, PEUGEOT has been reaching out to amateur players around the world for more than 30 years. Drawing on this experience, PEUGEOT has continued to strengthen the concept of the international pairs scramble competition in conjunction with Promogolf.