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The PEUGEOT 604, 403 and 402 are celebrating their anniversaries: 40, 60 and 80 years respectively. For the 2 series models, the PEUGEOT 204, launched in April 1965, celebrates its 50 years on the eve of the launch of the new PEUGEOT 208, which will take place in June. The Musée de l’Aventure PEUGEOT located at Sochaux is recognising all of these anniversaries with an exhibition running until 15 June 2015 showing the different models together with many contemporary images.


The 2 series for PEUGEOT

Following the first 2 series car, the PEUGEOT 201 which appeared in 1929, the PEUGEOT 204 was launched in April 1965. This car was a distillation of modernity: in addition to front wheel drive and a transverse engine, it had an overhead camshaft, front disc brakes and four-wheel independent suspension. It was also the brand’s first vehicle that was developed as a project, like its modern descendents.

Styled by Paul Bouvot, more than 1,600,000 PEUGEOT 204s would be produced between 1965 and 1976. Following in the tracks of its big sister the 404, it also dared to attack the merciless African rallies, in 1967 monopolising the first six places in its category in the East African Safari and the same year achieved the triple in the Tanganyika 1 000 Rally.

To continue the sporting commitment of their predecessors, this year the team of François De Gaillard and Mathieu Planchon will be taking part in the 2015 Tour Auto in a PEUGEOT 204 coupé bearing number 12, the only PEUGEOT car taking part in this trial. The driver and co-driver will be readily recognisable by their Peugeot Sport overalls and the vehicle will carry logos of the era.

With the wealth of the 200 series and the brand’s know-how behind it, the first generation of the

PEUGEOT 208 will soon pass the 1,000,000 units mark. The new PEUGEOT 208, presented for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, lines up convincing arguments including: new styling which is a mark of attraction and character, an extended range of the colours offered, personalisation, the move up-market, new technology for greater comfort and safety and the new engines that are both economical and powerful.


To support these anniversaries, a CILM (Concentration Internationale des Lions Motorisés – a gathering for all old Peugeot models) has been organised at Montlhéry for 2 May 2015, which will highlight all of the brand’s earlier vehicles. During this event, F Allain’s book “204-304”, containing many original styling designs, can be signed by the author.

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