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PEUGEOT back in the race at Auto Shanghai

Thu, 16/04/2015 - 10:45

- globalisation of the "8 range"
- commercial launch of the 308S
- ultra high-performance 308 R HYbrid saloon


With global sales up by +2.5% and considerable above-market growth in China, it is a determined PEUGEOT that is exhibiting at Auto Shanghai 2015.

On its unique 1,800 m² stand, PEUGEOT is presenting no fewer than 14 production vehicles and concept cars, the youngest and widest range in its history in China.

In Shanghai, PEUGEOT is also continuing its upscaling and globalisation strategy by presenting:

- the PEUGEOT 2008, the first global car in the PEUGEOT "8 range" now fitted with the 1.6 L THP engine in China;

- the new PEUGEOT 308S produced in Wuhan for the Chinese market;

- enhanced by the ultra high-performance PEUGEOT 308 R HYbrid developed by PEUGEOT SPORT.

PEUGEOT and continued acceleration in China

2015 has started with sustained growth in China. In the first quarter, the PEUGEOT brand has invoiced more than 106,000 cars, an increase of 24.7% compared to the first quarter of 2014, in a market that is up 11.6%.

All of the recent launches have been a resounding success. The new PEUGEOT 408 launched on 28 August in Beijing has already had more than 45,000 sales, exceeding its original targets, and the new PEUGEOT 508, launched on 9 January, boosts the range with the arrival on this model of the brand new 1.8 THP + STT engines.


PEUGEOT 2008: a global car set to conquer China

The first global car in the "8 range", the Crossover 2008, which was launched in Europe in spring 2013, has proved extremely successful with customers, selling more than 61,000 units in less than a year of sales in China. At the end of the month, it will be celebrating its 300,000th customer. At the same time, Latin America is also getting reading to welcome it.


The PEUGEOT 2008 falls within the B+ segment in China and aims to become the leader of this category on the world's leading automotive market.

The new 1.6 L THP version completes the range and is targeting a population of first-time buyers with an average age of just 30, from the booming Chinese middle classes.


PEUGEOT 308S: targeting a new customer base

Marketed in 124 countries, the PEUGEOT 308 has won over more than 273,897 connoisseurs worldwide with qualities that have never before been seen in segment C.

In China, it is known as the PEUGEOT 308S to distinguish it from the 308 Sedan already firmly established on the market with 95,000 units sold in 2014. The PEUGEOT 308S is positioned in the intelligent and sporty hatchback segment, perfectly in tune with the new direction taken by Chinese customers favouring more compact, more dynamic vehicles in segment C.

When the PEUGEOT 308S was unveiled in Beijing on 9 March, the Chinese press raved about its design, its features and its powerful engines.

The PEUGEOT 308S will be available with 3 different engines, 1.6 THP, 1.2 THP and 1.6 CVVT, all fitted with the Stop & Start system. The fuel saving of 15% compared to previous generations of engine perfectly meets customer demand for a compromise between power and fuel economy.

The 308S rounds off the PEUGEOT segment C offer, alongside the 301, the 308 Sedan and the 408. With the 308S, PEUGEOT now has a very young range in China, with an average age of less than 3 years.


PEUGEOT 308 R HYbrid: performance and efficiency from PEUGEOT SPORT

The PEUGEOT 308 R HYbrid is a compact saloon that drives like a supercar.

The PEUGEOT 308 is renowned for its high performance, boosted by the versatility of its EMP2 platform. The elegant style and sporting prowess of the 308 are perfectly recognisable, borrowing the design codes explored on the Quartz concept car, also on display in Shanghai, and expressing them in its own radical manner.

Besides these elements of style, the Quartz and the 308 R HYbrid share a new design with sleek lines, pared in blue and black, and a new plug-in hybrid petrol drive chain developed by PEUGEOT SPORT. The 500 hp and the four-wheel drive push back the boundaries of sporting prowess in the segment, offering truly extraordinary performance and sensation.

The PEUGEOT 308 R HYbrid is also the revelation of a unique interior design with four individual seats. The PEUGEOT 308 R HYbrid is awe-inspiring proof of the engineers' and designers' talent and of the excellence of the PEUGEOT 308. A PEUGEOT is always about motion and emotion.

Keep up with the very latest news with #PEUGEOT308RHYbrid.

The Roland Garros range: elegance… French style

For the 4th year running, PEUGEOT is riding the wave of the reputation in China of the Roland Garros French Open and the popularity of everything French by presenting two new vehicles: the new PEUGEOT 2008 1.6L THP and the PEUGEOT 3008 Roland Garros.


PEUGEOT mobility: Emotion in motion

Auto Shanghai is an opportunity to demonstrate PEUGEOT's mobility with the Métropolis scooter and the latest Electric AE21 bicycle.

Who better than PEUGEOT to design the mobility of tomorrow? The result of active collaboration between the Automobiles PEUGEOT and PEUGEOT Scooters teams, the Metropolis focuses the brand's expertise by combining the advantages of a car and those of a two-wheeler. Sturdy and safe, protective and comfortable, efficient and practical, this scooter embodies the modern vision of a new mobility in 3 dimensions.

PEUGEOT has marketed its range of scooters in China since 2011, through a network of 104 specialist dealerships spread throughout the country.

Designing 2-wheelers with Style and High Standards, experiencing with passion a world of emotion. Reinventing mobility has been in the DNA of PEUGEOT Cycles since 1882. Hence the brand's latest technological achievement, the HYbrid Bike AE21 from PEUGEOT Cycles, a compact urban electric bicycle for those who want something different.

Again, PEUGEOT Cycles demonstrates its daring in terms of both urban mobility and design. The latest addition to the ALLURE urban cycle range, the AE21 symbolises PEUGEOT's modern side and its ability to innovate in a mobility field as important as cycles.

PEUGEOT Avenue opening soon in Beijing

PEUGEOT is all about raw emotion and the Auto Shanghai show is the perfect opportunity to announce the opening of a PEUGEOT Avenue in Beijing this year. A stunning showcase and the perfect accompaniment to PEUGEOT's move upmarket. An exclusive location dedicated to the Brand, over 3 floors and a surface area of 1,800 m², to share and promote all of the Brand's emotions and experience.