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“Hyphessobrycon Peugeoti”: A fish named Peugeot

Fri, 01/04/2016 - 16:30

New species of animals have been discovered in Brazil, including a new Amazonian fish called “Hyphessobrycon Peugeoti”.

The Hyphessobrycon Peugeoti was discovered in the river Juruena. It is a tropical fish belonging to the actinopterygian family (ray-finned fishes). It is different from the H. loweae and H. Heliacus as it retains its overall red colour throughout its entire life cycle. It is also different from the H. Heliacus as it does not have the dark arrow-shaped marking along its middle on each side that the H. Heliacus has.

A new species of beetle, the “Hansreia Peugeoti”, was also discovered.

The names of both of these new species are derived from the name of the Peugeot brand, who have been in partnership with ONF in the Amazon rainforest since 1999, and who also collaborated with the Environment Ministry for the State of Mato Grosso This resulted in the reforestation project for carbon sinks in the Fazenda São Nicolau in the centre of Brazil, returning biodiversity to the area, and finally the discovery of these new species.