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PEUGEOT AVENUE BEIJING: Become immersed in the PEUGEOT universe at the heart of the Chinese capital

Thu, 26/05/2016 - 08:00

1,650 m², 4 floors on the largest pedestrian street in Beijing and a stone's throw from Tiananmen Square: after the Champs Elysées in Paris, PEUGEOT has unveiled its second PEUGEOT AVENUE in Beijing. Welcome to the PEUGEOT universe at the heart of the world's largest car market!

It is the largest pedestrian street in China, situated at the heart of the superbly restored historical district of Beijing, looking out onto Tiananmen Square and leading to the Imperial Palace - the Forbidden City! Since time immemorial, Qianmen Avenue has been the main commercial street in the Chinese capital. Home to traditional Chinese stores and major international brands, it has once again become a must-see for visitors to the Chinese capital since its extensive renovation in 2008, the year of the Olympic Games. With 90 million visitors per year, Qianmen Avenue is the busiest street in Beijing. This is the location that PEUGEOT and DONGFENG PEUGEOT chose to establish their new showcase in China. After the Champs Elysées in Paris, PEUGEOT AVENUE now immerses you in the brand's universe over 1,650 m² and four floors at the heart of Qianmen Avenue in Beijing. Maxime Picat, Managing Director of PEUGEOT, unveiled PEUGEOT AVENUE BEIJING on 25 May 2016 in the presence of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former Prime Minister of France, and Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016.

Visitors to Qianmen are instinctively drawn to PEUGEOT AVENUE. It is a stunning building, which primarily serves as a showcase for PEUGEOT AVENUE: this superb grey granite edifice from the 19th century, adorned with a clock at the top, is a harmonious marriage of Chinese and Western influences. At the front is a bronze replica of the PEUGEOT Baby, a nod to the street's historical past and PEUGEOT and China's long shared history. Your gaze is nevertheless immediately grabbed by the futuristic Onyx concept car on show behind the facility's huge windows, proudly displaying the PEUGEOT style. The urge to go inside is irresistible. In a setting that combines high-quality materials – copper, raw granite, black chrome – alongside the concept car, the ground floor contains the store, temporary exhibitions and an introduction to the PEUGEOT and DONGFENG PEUGEOT ranges sold in China.

An escalator takes visitors on a journey to discover the brand's heritage. On the lower ground floor they are greeted by a collection of lions that formerly adorned PEUGEOT grilles. Vehicles from yesteryear, production machinery, coffee grinders, salt and pepper mills, a crinoline, toys, old advertising posters and objects on loan from the AVENTURE PEUGEOT museum in Sochaux or holographically projected take visitors on a journey back in time and immerse them in the extraordinarily rich history of PEUGEOT's two centuries of industrial heritage.

As a designer brand and engineer brand, PEUGEOT devises sturdy vehicles that deliver gratifying, stimulating driving sensations and create a powerful experience. The first floor of PEUGEOT AVENUE BEIJING is dedicated to them. On the engineering side, the "engines jukebox" provides an insight into the performances and driving pleasure provided by the engine range available to Chinese customers – 1.2 PureTech, 1.6 CVVT, 1.6 THP, 1.8THP –, while a driving simulator lets visitors test the latest driving aids. On the design side, the latest creations from the PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB illustrate the creativity of PEUGEOT designers, while customers can dream up their future PEUGEOT using the latest-generation immersive configurator that puts them behind the wheel of their next car.

The private and VIP area on the second floor allows PEUGEOT and DONGFENG PEUGEOT to host guests of the brand in an elegant and refined space at the heart of the Chinese capital.

Visiting the facility provides a novel digital experience. Located at the historical heart of Beijing, PEUGEOT AVENUE is also present at the heart of China's number one social network, WeChat. As soon as they enter PEUGEOT AVENUE, visitors can connect to PEUGEOT via WeChat, a Chinese social network with more than 500 million members. A virtual visit guide, as well as games and quizzes for the youngest visitors, are provided. Visitors can also share their experience at PEUGEOT AVENUE in real time with all of their friends on the network.

PEUGEOT AVENUE BEIJING was unveiled a few weeks after the presentation of PEUGEOT and DONGFENG PEUGEOT's five-year strategic development plan in China: Blue Upper.

Blue Upper has a clear ambition: within 5 years to make DONGFENG PEUGEOT the benchmark broadline top-of-the-range brand in China and to join the Top 10 most sold brands on the world's primary market.

To reach this goal, Blue Upper is built on three pillars:

  • Always aiming higher in terms of products. DONGEFENG PEUGEOT will therefore launch 18 new vehicles in the next 5 years. This product offensive in China has already got under way with DONGFENG PEUGEOT's world-first presentation of two new products at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25, the new 3008 and the new 308 saloon, two of its three bestsellers in China!
  • Always aiming higher in terms of technologies: tomorrow, new driving aids, new engines and new gearboxes will further improve efficiency and the driving pleasure procured by PEUGEOT vehicles in China.
  • Always aiming higher in terms of customer experience. Today, DONGFENG PEUGEOT is already on the podium in terms of customer service satisfaction in China according to the J.D. study. Power. By building on the development of digital applications, DONGFENG PEUGEOT aims to strengthen its relationship with each of its customers in China and improve their satisfaction.

Looking out on the Chinese capital's busiest pedestrian street, PEUGEOT AVENUE BEIJING, which offers visitors a unique, fulfilling and striking experience, is a key asset for the brand in strengthening its emotional connection with its customers in China.