New 3008 and 3008 HYbrid4 Crossover, now with a new look for a completely new experience

Mon, 26/08/2013 - 18:45

With over 500,000 sales worldwide, exceeding the original projected targets by 50%, the PEUGEOT 3008 is a success due to its strong character. Aimed at customers who are freed from convention, this compact Crossover goes beyond the segments to combine the best of the SUV, a Hatchback and an MPV. Its modernity lies in its ability to combine the appeal of the PEUGEOT style with the strength of the Crossover, to unite driving pleasure and functionality. Multi-talented, its abilities become evident as it is used. Its cockpit and its technological equipment stimulate the driver who enjoys the full extent of the dynamic qualities, which are among the best in the segment. This Crossover was innovated by offering the combination of diesel and electric propulsion as a world-first. Since its launch, the HYbrid4 technology has won over many customers, representing more than 10% of sales of the 3008. In Europe, 6% of purchasers of hybrid vehicles also choose the 3008 HYbrid4. Retaining all of its strengths, the latest 3008 and 3008 HYbrid4 are distinguished by an elegant and contemporary style, emphasised by new lights. At the front and at the rear their light signatures now identify them with precision. New technological equipment increases their dynamism and fluidity of use. On the head-up display a full-colour illustration distinguishes between the different functions for instant notification. A new reversing camera makes manoeuvres easier by displaying the area immediately behind the vehicle.

“For the 3008, the Marque has been bold enough to opt for a nonconformist combination and strong

stylistic trends. The interior is just as innovative with a stimulating architecture. Proof of the Marque’s

capacity for innovation and of its environmental leadership, the HYbrid4 technology is a great

success.” Maxime Picat, Director General, Automobiles PEUGEOT

A natural, intense and elegant presence

The 3008 Crossover innovated by combining different vehicle types in a completely new way: the

dynamism of the Hatchback, the single compartment of the MPV and the high architecture of the

SUV. Its reduced dimensions (4.365m long, 1.837m wide) are adorned with a powerful and refined



Adopting the latest stylistic codes of the marque, [...]