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The Peugeot 4008 – A 4x4 SUV Combining Strength and Style

Wed, 02/05/2012 - 15:30

In line with Peugeot's range enhancement and development strategy, the 4008 will be launched initially outside Europe, in the market which will represent 70% of its sales.With its distinctive, elegant appearance and its 4x4, SUV features, the 4008 is a modern response to the needs of all-terrain vehicle customers, in a very prominent market segment.

A resolutely international range

International launch
At the heart of a very dynamic world market in the C segment of all-terrain SUVs, the 4008 will be distributed to more than 50 countries.
Presented as a world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the 4008 will go on sale initially outside Europe starting in April. First in Russia and the Ukraine, then among other places in China, Australia, New Zealand , Argentina and in Europe from May.

Listening to customers
The world market of all-terrain SUVs has been growing strongly since 2005, in particular in the C and D segments which in 4 years have almost doubled in Russia and tripled in Europe.
In Russia, all-terrain vehicles have long been predominant accounting for 20% of the market, the majority being vehicles of the compact SUV segment C.
In China and in Western Europe the market share of SUVs has reached 10%, and covers a variety of expectations. In Europe, this market share of the SUVs in segments C and D is increasing to the detriment of the SUVs of the E segment.
In China, it is the attraction of the vehicle's status that is sought after. In Europe, it fulfils the desire for distinctive multipurpose vehicles, compact and with an environmental impact comparable to that of a conventional saloon.
With the 4008, Peugeot is continuing its international offensive to win new customers by offering a young, modern and upmarket range which is the perfect response to the changes in these markets.