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The Bipper Tepee, the practical and mischievous MPV!


The Bipper Tepee is a new and original multi purpose vehicle from Peugeot. Practical, easy to handle and compact, it offers an unrivalled level of versatility that will delight those in search of a non- traditional vehicle that is easy to use and well-suited to its intended role. Its innovative style, both fun and dynamic, is expressed fully in its compact size.

<p>The Bipper Tepee is equipped with five full size seats and offers exceptional interior space for a vehicle that is only 3.96 m long.</p>
<p>With a load capacity ranging from 356 litres under the rear parcel shelf to 884 litres to the top of the front seat back with the rear seats folded, the Bipper Tepee offers a generous load volume for both leisure and family activities.</p>
<p>Superbly practical thanks to its two side sliding doors and its asymmetric hinged rear doors, this new MPV from Peugeot will appeal through its modularity and simplicity of use.</p>
<p>Its 1.4 litre 54 kW (≈ 75 bhp) petrol engine or 1.4 litre HDi 50 kW (≈ 70 bhp) diesel engine, both combine environmental efficiency with low running costs.</p>
<p>Finally, its compact size and turning circle between kerbs of only 9.95 m allows the Bipper Tepee to nip in and out of traffic easily – and all with a hint of mischief!</p>
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<p>For more information, download the press pack.</p>