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Peugeot Expert Tepee


A new transport experience

The Expert Tepee is a whole new product in the Peugeot car range. Designed to meet the requirements of both the commercial passenger transport sector and the private family sector, it presents a new way of travelling with Peugeot.

A member of the Expert ‘combi ’ family, it is available in three trim levels (Comfort, Leisure and Premium) all with different looks and equipment levels. The Expert Tepee is also available in two wheelbase lengths in order to meet the requirements of many different customers.

A strong, modern external style

The new Expert Tepee is a unique vehicle identified by its modern styling, which suggests both quality and dynamism. Its large, bright interior encourages you to go on that long trip you’ve been meaning to take.

The design of the front is very bold and modern in its design, giving the Expert Tepee a strong personality. It is fitted with specially designed clear glass headlamps.

The way the front bumper is incorporated into the overall styling of the vehicle creates a special design feature. It is a key feature in the overall style of the vehicle, creating a sense of strength and quality. The bumper is either painted two-tone to match the rest of the vehicle, or the same as the body, depending on the model. This creates a major difference between the models.The same applies to the side protection mouldings, the rear view mirror casings and the door handles.

It is therefore possible to have a very luxurious looking exterior and door handles painted in “Lion Grey”.

The large front windscreen, with a surface area of 1.68m2 - is a Peugeot design feature - it provides great visibility and gives the occupants a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

The tapering design of the exterior shape portrays a sense of energy.This is a testament to the dynamism and the quality of the new Expert Tepee. The front door side windows, the sliding side door and the rear windows add up to a glazed surface area of 3.06m2 on the short wheelbase version and 3.40m2 on the long wheelbase version. Along with the size of the sliding door and its forward position, it gives the vehicle a remarkable interior brightness and excellent panoramic vision for passengers.

All glazed areas are flush fitting and are fully integrated into the modern styling of the Combi.The “flush” fitting sliding windows can be opened by passengers in the second row of seats.

The door mirrors have painted casings on the Leisure model.These are painted the same colour as the body work; the fuel filler flap is fully integrated into the overall style of the vehicle and conceals a lockable filler cap.

The rear design is box shaped and suggests a large capacity and a high level of adaptability.

The luggage area can be accessed by a tailgate. A third brake light is incorporated into it, along with the rear windscreen wiper and the heated rear window.The large rear window (0.76m2) allows in plenty of light for the rear passengers.

Glazed hinged doors are also available, depending on the model.

The style of the rear lights contributes to giving the vehicle a modern appearance.

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