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With the 208 hatchback and the 2008 urban crossover, Peugeot increases its strength in the European B segment

Wed, 05/06/2013 - 15:30

In the strategic European B segment, which accounts for nearly 30 % of the market in this region, Peugeot attains commercial success with 208 and paves the way for its latest offspring, the 2008 urban crossover, currently in its launch phase.

208, the leader in its category in Europe

After the historic success of its predecessors, in 2012 the 208 has reinvented the codes for its segment with one objective: to win back leadership of the hotly contested market for B segment hatchbacks.
At the head of its category in Europe (29 markets) from December 2012 to February 2013, 208 took1st place again in April: with 25,600 registrations (10.4 % of the category), it was ahead of the VW POLO, the Ford FIESTA, the Renault CLIO IV and the Opel CORSA.
In April, the 208 was on the podium for B hatchbacks in several countries: 1st in France, Denmark and Holland, 2nd in Portugal and Switzerland, 3rd in Belgium, Spain, Norway and Slovenia… In May, it was the overall leader in France*. 
At the start of spring, the 208 range was crowned with its two emblematic versions, the 208 XY, the chic and exclusive urban car, and the 208 GTi, which revives the GTi legend: success has already been achieved with nearly 4,200 orders recorded in Europe to the end of May.
Produced initially in France and Slovakia, the 208 completed its international deployment during the first half of the year with the start of production in Brazil, destined for the Brazilian and Argentine markets. By the end of May, the heir to the Peugeot 2-series saga had recorded a cumulative total of 314,400 orders worldwide.
2008, a very promising launch

With the 2008, Peugeot is capitalising on the success of the 3008 crossover to create an original motoring offer in the rapidly emerging CUV category of the B segment.
* The figures for the month of May in other markets are not yet available

Launched last month in Europe, the 2008 takes its place in the momentum of the sales offensive started by the 208: by the end of May, the Peugeot urban crossover had already recorded 15,400 orders cumulatively (nearly three times higher than the target for the date) with a particularly high level mix (73 % for level 3 and 3+).
If it is aiming for 1st place in the CUV category of the European B segment, the 2008 also illustrates the acceleration of Peugeot’s strategy of internationalisation: produced initially at Mulhouse (France), production will start in China in 2014, then in Brazil the following year, with a worldwide sales objective of 200,000 units by 2015.


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