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A world premiere for the new PEUGEOT 208: Two textured colours available on this production car


Revealed to the general public during the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, the new PEUGEOT 208 was presented in its Orange Power livery. To this bright, young and dynamic colour are now added two textured colours, original in their application and appearance, and a world premiere on a production vehicle: Ice Grey and Ice Silver. This innovation is topped off with an additional Lime Yellow personalisation pack which, as with the Menthol White pack shown at Geneva, can be applied separately to the exterior or to the cabin.

New PEUGEOT 208: comprehensive work on details and quality


The new PEUGEOT 208, on sale in Europe from June 2015, is the result of a comprehensive programme of work in which no area has been neglected. It provides solid arguments as evidence of this: with its assertive sporty and classy design, new technology for greater comfort and safety, and its new PureTech and BlueHDi Euro 6 engines that are both economical and powerful.


In addition to the new Orange Power metallic paint revealed at the recent Geneva Motor Show, two very innovative textured colours have been added to the range of colours available at launch. And there are now two personalisation packs available for both the exterior and the interior of the new PEUGEOT 208.


Completely original textured paint


From launch, the new PEUGEOT 208 will be available with two new colours that are truly innovative and a clear break from the traditional finishes offered:  Ice Grey and Ice Silver.


These colours offer several benefits:


-    They are distinctive and enhancing. With their appearance, both matt and satin, they emphasise the lines of the vehicle, reinforcing the dynamism and modernity of the new PEUGEOT 208. As they play with the light, these colours react strongly to its variations, unlike matt colours which generally smooth out curves and disguise shapes ;


-    Their texture, surprisingly lightly granular to the touch, immediately gives the impression of a robust and protective vehicle. They are more hard-wearing and easier to care for than conventional matt paint, offering good resistance to micro-scratching and they accept frequent washing – high pressure jet wash or roller (with no wax cycle) ;


-    Because these colours are applied in production at the plant, a world premiere, such distinctive colours, normally only available on small special edition runs or as a very expensive premium hand-applied option (costing up to 6,000 Euros!) they have now become affordable, priced the same as pearlescent paint. In Europe, the price is below 800 Euros, with an on-cost compared to metallic paint of just 180 to 200 Euros.


Technically, this represents a significant milestone backed with an international patent. Produced directly at the Poissy plant in France, putting the application of these colours in production has required nearly 4 years of development work. While the initial coats (anti-corrosion, primer and colour base coats) remain the same as for a conventional metallic paint, the innovation is in the composition and application of the lacquer. This lacquer contains texturing agents, but also fine particles of silica and micro-beads of polyamide. The particles of silica in the resin give the paint its matt appearance, toughness and granular properties, while polyamide micro-beads give the paint its special texture.


As the protective and primer coats are the same, it is possible for the paint robot to choose between the lacquer for conventional paint and the one for a textured paint. This industrial innovation allows greater flexibility in production, making this type of finish available to all and at a competitive price.


These two new colours, Ice Grey and Ice Silver, have quite distinct areas of expression:


-    Ice Grey is the mark of elegance, modernity and status;

-    Ice Silver suggests dynamism, strength and power (and it is available on the sporty versions of the PEUGEOT 208, the GTi and the GTi by PEUGEOT Sport).


They are clear markers of the brand’s strategy, illustrating PEUGEOT’s ability to be different and its move up-market.


In total, the colour range for the new PEUGEOT 208 now comprises 13 variants that meet the growing customer demand for differentiation and exclusivity:

-    2 flat colours (Bianca White and Hurricane Grey)

-    7 metallic colours (Orange Power, Aluminium, Shark Grey, Nera Black, Virtual Blue, Dark Blue, Ruby Red)

-    1 pearlescent colour (Pearl White)

-    2 textured colours (Ice Grey and Ice Silver)

-    1 straight-cut (Textured Matt Black / Lacquered Red, only available on 208 GTi by PEUGEOT Sport)


Fresh and modern personalisation themes


The new PEUGEOT 208 is in tune with its time and offers, along with its wide range of colours and comprehensive equipment levels, the possibility of original personalisation themes, full of freshness.


Two exterior personalisation packs are available as factory options from the second trim level. Associated with Orange Power paint, the Menthol White pack was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. With its touches of white, the Menthol White pack gives the vehicle a dynamic and elegant ambience.

The new Lime Yellow pack is astonishingly fun and modern. It combines marvellously well with Ice Silver textured paint as well as with other colours.


These exterior personalisation packs each comprise:

•    The “ EQUALIZER” grille with 3D-effect coloured markings* ;

•    Gloss black grille surround ;

•    Gloss black front foglamp finishers with laser-engraved coloured line* ;

•    Coloured front and rear PEUGEOT lettering* ;

•    Nera Black door mirror shells and coloured side repeaters*.

* (in the colour of the pack chosen)


In the same way, the Menthol White and Lime Yellow packs can be specified for the cabin interior and independent of the exterior pack chosen (depending on the body colour and exterior personalisation pack). These interior packs offer a modern, differentiating and satisfying world, with the smallest details carefully worked:

•    Sport seats in prestige imitation leather + Oxford cloth and coloured stitching* ;

•    Armrests in the door panels with coloured stitching * ;

•    Coloured front and rear door handles* ;

•    Coloured blade* below the instrument panel ;

•    Coloured dashboard moulding* ;

•    Perforated full-grain leather steering wheel with coloured stitching* ;

•    Gear lever gaiter with coloured stitching* ;

•    Satin chrome air vent finishers ;

•    Passenger’s seat height adjustment.

* (in the colour of the pack chosen)


So, with its wide range of colours, the availability of exterior and interior personalisation packs and the new wheels with their innovative appearance (conventional diamante, sequential diamante, laser engraving), the new PEUGEOT 208 offers customers a range that can meet today’s demand for differentiation.


The complete press pack for the new PEUGEOT 208 can be found at www.peugeot-pressepro.com