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PEUGEOT Traveller: an invitation to luxury travel and comfort


Presented as a world exclusive at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the PEUGEOT Traveller has made a remarkable entry into the Combispace and VIP Shuttle sector.

PEUGEOT Design provides this segment with the new distinctive features of the brand's SUV and saloon cars. The PEUGEOT Traveller's assertive design exudes strength and elegance.

PEUGEOT has equipped the Traveller with many other attractive features making it a benchmark in the segment. Its new base, adapted from the EMP2 modular platform, provides top quality, efficiency and record fuel consumption levels in the segment.

Its Euro6 BlueHDi engines are equipped with the most efficient pollution control technology on the market with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system upstream of the DFP (Diesel Particulate Filter). Already tried and tested since July 2013, they combine driving enjoyment and performance, offering up to 180 hp and 400 Nm. Thanks to this technology, the PEUGEOT Traveller range boasts an average CO2 emission level of only 140 g/km (5.4 l/100 km), crowning it best-in-class in the segment.

On board, the PEUGEOT Traveller promises calm journeys thanks to road qualities that are worthy of PEUGEOT's expertise, as well as luxury comfort and ambience. Multiple configurations up to 9 seats and a wide range of equipment, sometimes exclusive in the segment, make the PEUGEOT Traveller a vehicle that makes life easy and adapts to everyday life.

As regards safety, the PEUGEOT Traveller was given the 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP tests, the results of which were released in December 2015.

The PEUGEOT Traveller fully applies the brand’s expansion strategy by positioning us on the growth sectors of the Combispace and VIP Shuttle. Through its innovative design, the PEUGEOT Traveller gives a new dimension to PEUGEOT's upmarket shift.

Maxime Picat, Managing Director at PEUGEOT


With the PEUGEOT Traveller, PEUGEOT's large passenger car family is expanding with a Combispace that can accommodate up to 9 people with top-quality comfort and space for all seats.

Laurent Blanchet, PEUGEOT Product Director


PEUGEOT Traveller, in brief


PEUGEOT has given this new offer in its passenger car range a unique name. Its name, the PEUGEOT Traveller, just like its assertive and elegant design, exhibits a modern vision of travelling and open spaces.

Its new base, adapted from the EMP2 modular platform, combines compact exterior dimensions with maximum roominess. The PEUGEOT Traveller offers up to 9 spacious seats with 1,500 litres of boot space or up to 4,900 litres thanks to its removable seats.

Available in 3 lengths ranging from 4.60 m to 5.30 m, its height of only 1.90 m, which is rare in the segment, guarantees the PEUGEOT Traveller's entry into covered car parks. The Standard and Long versions of 4.95 m and 5.30 m are at the heart of the market. The 4.60 m Compact version, unique in the segment, can also comfortably accommodate up to 9 people in all seats. With its reduced overhang and dimensions, the PEUGEOT Traveller offers easy handling for everyday use including in urban conditions.

The PEUGEOT Traveller Business VIP provides rear-seat passengers with a 4 face-to-face seat configuration with individual leather armchairs. The multi-function roof with tri-zone climate control and soft diffusion, equipment exclusive to the segment, and mood lighting, also contribute to passenger well-being.

The modern and efficient Euro6 95 to 180 hp engines and the new EAT6 automatic gearbox promise driving enjoyment and record CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in the segment. The most efficient version with 5.1 l/100 km, i.e. 133 g/km of CO2, and its entire range with 5.4 l/100 km, i.e. 140 g/km on average, are references in the segment.

The PEUGEOT Traveller offers a wide range of latest generation safety and comfort equipment, which is rare or even unique in the segment:

  • < > hands-free sliding side doors are unprecedented in the market;

    The head-up display and sign reading system with speed limiter recommendation are unique in the segment;

  • Opening rear window, glass roof panel, Active Safety Brake and automatic main beam switching are rare in the segment;

  • For the first time ever, one of the brand's vehicles is equipped with new voice-control connected navigation and real-time traffic information, VisioPark 1 reversing camera with 180° overhead rear view and rear view zoom, or Driver Attention Alert.


    The PEUGEOT Traveller comes in 2 ranges, one for private individuals and the other for professionals, each with 2 levels of finish.


    A new top-of-the range Combispace and VIP Shuttle benchmark


    Professionals and private individuals in this segment have different needs and expectations depending on their activities and the people or customers that they are carrying.

    To meet them, the PEUGEOT Traveller offers 2 ranges, each with 2 levels of finish:

  • For private individuals, the Combispace with the Active and Allure finishes available in 5, 7 or 8 seat versions;

  • < > professional people carriers, the Shuttle with Business finishes available in 5 to 9 seat versions and Business VIP available in 6 and 7 seat versions.


    The multi-functional roof, as standard on the superior level, includes LED mood lighting, in addition to individual reading lights, and soft diffusion climate control which, like in aeroplanes, is separate from the individual air vents.

    Four 12 V sockets distributed in the passenger compartment, as well as a 230 V socket and a USB port are provided for charging any mobile device.


    The VIP Shuttle

    The PEUGEOT Traveller Business VIP, an emblematic version of the range, offers rear-seat passengers the lounge configuration with 4 separate seats facing one another or 5 seats with the 3-seater bench seat option in row 3.

    The interior ambience is functional and dedicated to passenger comfort: leather seats, mood lighting, tri-zone climate control with soft diffusion function separate from the air vents and an optional glass roof. These two items of equipment are unique to the segment.

    The optional retractable sliding table provides an area conducive to work for a business customer.


    The Shuttle

    The PEUGEOT Traveller Business offers a premium exterior style for passengers who are seated within. In addition, the seats and comfort equipment can be configured exactly according to the professional's needs.

    The ease of access to row 3 seats is remarkable. A single control folds the seat back and provides a wide passage to the rear bench seat.


    The Combispace

    The PEUGEOT Traveller in Active or Allure finish combines modularity and flexibility. It is available in 5, 7 or 8 seat versions. Row 2 has a 2/3 - 1/3 split bench seat, with both sections totally separate, as in row 3, or two individual seats with elbow rests. In both situations, the removable and sliding seats can be adapted to any configuration between transporting 8 people and luggage, and only keeping the 2 front seats. Folded down, the passenger backrest can be used to transport objects up to 3.50 m long.

    The sliding and modular seats are particularly appreciated on the Compact version which can accommodate up to 8 people on a daily basis and if necessary can provide a generous 2 m3 of boot space in the 5-seater configuration in only 4.60 m of length.

    Child mirror, aviation tablets on the back of the front seats, tri-zone climate control with soft diffusion function, sun blinds in row 2, luggage cover shelf, opening rear window, and 17" wheels with wheel trims are as standard equipment geared towards the pleasure of sharing journeys as a family or with friends.


    An assertive design exuding strength and elegance


    Before starting to design the PEUGEOT Traveller, for us it was important to have superb proportions and be able to inject the stylish features of the brand's passenger cars.

    Keith Ryder, PEUGEOT Traveller Design Manager

    The PEUGEOT Traveller revolutionises features in the segment. Proportions are harmonious between the front end, the driver position and the rear space. The compact overhangs and wheels positioned at the four corners give it verticality and a powerful presence. The sleek lines enhance its aerodynamic flow and the high window line contributes to the modernity of its profile.

    From the very first glance, you can see that the PEUGEOT Traveller belongs to PEUGEOT's passenger car range. The headlights mounted flush with the bodywork evoke the PEUGEOT 308 compact saloon. The LED light signature, integrated with chrome-plated boomerangs, alludes to the PEUGEOT 508 grand touring car. The quality finish right down to the tiniest detail marks its contribution to the brand's upmarket shift.

    The elevated new vertical grille accentuates the PEUGEOT Traveller's presence. The grille features the lion in the centre of a new dynamic, three-dimensional embodiment, instead of the usual horizontal blades. Its trapezoidal chromed edging with slight scalp motion in the upper corners accentuates the elegance and modernity of the front end.

    The sleekly designed side panels are structured with sharp lines and sculpted by concave door sills, which enhance the impressiveness of the smooth wheel arches extending out from them. The proportions between the bodywork and the height of the windows give it a very modern style.

    The fairly low side protections and the front bumper that integrates air inlets across the entire width of the car, with a more compact grille above, emphasises the robust look of the PEUGEOT Traveller.


    A new modular and efficient platform…


    Inaugurated by the PEUGEOT 308, then the 308 SW, the EMP2 platform once again demonstrates its efficiency and modularity with the PEUGEOT Traveller.

    Rémi Seimpere, PEUGEOT Traveller Vehicle Base Chief Engineer

    … Improved performance, fuel consumption and usage costs

    The architecture of the front end, in particular the centre-to-centre distance and height of the roof drip moulding, along with the geometry of the front suspension permit integration of 1.6 L and 2.0 L BlueHDi engines. The main elements of their environment, such as the cooling panel, air supply, exhaust downpipe, and electrical architecture, etc., are also used. Their quality and their performances have already been tried and tested on the PEUGEOT 308 saloon.

    By using a new platform, vehicle mass is significantly reduced, to 100-400 kg less than other vehicles with equivalent power in the same segment. Combining this new platform with BlueHDi engines allows the PEUGEOT Traveller to achieve record fuel consumption levels:


    The new oblique wishbone rear suspension supports a payload of 1,400 kg to make the most of 9 seats with boot space. The wishbone filtering dampens the impacts. The variable stiffness springs and shock absorbers slaved to the load guarantee maximum comfort whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. This new rear suspension also has the advantage of being compatible with the DANGEL 4x4 transmission.

    The wheels are available in 16" with wheel trims and 17" with wheel trims or alloy wheel rims. These alloy wheel rims can be combined with 3PMSF winter tyres that can be used all year round.

    Combining these 2 suspension systems offers a compromise between handling and comfort and the best possible driving enjoyment regardless of the vehicle's load.


    To complement passenger and driver comfort, the acoustic aspect has not been forgotten. The PEUGEOT Traveller offers the best level of acoustic comfort in the segment with


    The PEUGEOT Traveller introduces a new generation of connected 3D navigation, controlled by voice recognition and/or using the touch-screen. It includes free lifetime updates of the mapping 4 times a year and the associated PEUGEOT Connect connected services for 3 years [2].

    PEUGEOT Connect 2 includes:


    The Drive Assist Pack, available as an option, integrates three items of equipment in addition to the Visibility Pack that use the radar located at the front of the car and/or the multi-function camera located at the top of the windscreen:


    [1] subject to approval

    [2]  Marketed upon launch in 11 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland). Other countries including outside of Europe are under review.

    • 1.6 L BlueHDi 95 hp, 5-speed manual gearbox from 5.5 l/100 km, i.e. 144 g/km of CO2;

    • 1.6 L BlueHDi 95 hp S&S, ETG6 controlled gearbox from 5.2 l/100 km, i.e. 135 g/km of CO2[1];

    • 1.6 L BlueHDi 115 hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 5.1 l/100 km, i.e. 133 g/km of CO2;

    • 2.0 L BlueHDi 150 hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 5.3 l/100 km, i.e. 139 g/km;

    • 2.0L BlueHDi 180 hp S&S, EAT6 automatic gearbox from 5.8 l/100 km, i.e. 151 g/km1.


      BlueHDi engines incorporate the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system upstream of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with additive. They thereby meet the Euro6 standard with the most effective pollution control technology on the market. Their AdBlue 22.4 l tank provides a range of 15,000 km. AdBlue is filled up easily using the exterior filling flap, located in the middle pillar, which is invisible when the driver's door is closed.


      The PEUGEOT Traveller benefits from competitive usage costs, in particular thanks to its best in class fuel consumption and its 40,000 km or 2-year maintenance frequency.


      …Improved diversity of the offer for all customer uses

      The PEUGEOT Traveller is available in 3 lengths, which can all be configured as 5 to 9-seaters:

    • The 4.60 m Compact version;

    • The 4.95 m Standard version;

    • The 5.30 m Long version.


Its modular platform achieves these 3 lengths with only:


  • 2 rear overhangs, one common to the Compact and Standard versions, the other specific to the Long version;

  • 2 wheelbases, one specific to the Compact version and the other common to the Standard and Long versions;

  • A single chassis architecture: ground links, exhaust line and fuel system common to all 3 lengths.


    …Improved roominess, handling and safety

    Thanks to the excellent efficiency of the architecture of its platform, the PEUGEOT Traveller offers up to 9 seats comfortably for all passengers and 1,500 litres (1,384 dm3 VDA) of boot space. This volume can even be increased to 4,900 litres (4,554 dm3 VDA) with its completely removable row 2 and 3 seats.

    Unique in the segment, the Compact version also accommodates up to 9 people on board or 3,600 litres (3,397 dm3 VDA) of boot space in a length of only 4.60 m.

    The optimised 0.88 m front and 0.80 m rear overhangs and the turning circle from 11.30 m assist the PEUGEOT Traveller's handling, in particular in cities or when manoeuvring. Its height limited to 1.90 m also guarantees its accessibility to covered car parks in town centres and shopping areas, as well as at home and in airports.

    As regards safety, in addition to its new equipment, with its new base and reinforced structure, the PEUGEOT Traveller obtained 5 stars for the Euro NCAP tests published in December 2015.


    … Improved comfort and dynamic handling

    On board, the PEUGEOT Traveller also revolutionises the segment's features improving ergonomics and driving comfort. The step provides easy access to its elevated seating position, which dominates the road. The instrument panel and steering wheel in relatively vertical position for the segment, immerses the driver in an environment somewhere between the SUV for the commanding position and the saloon for comfort. The pure and modern design of the driver position combines the elegance of the materials and the ergonomics of the controls, like the touch-screen which is always easy to reach and see.


    As regards the ground link, the PEUGEOT Traveller adopts the Pseudo MacPherson front suspension from the redesigned EMP2. The electrohydraulic-assisted steering with the anti-roll bar position in front of the steering rack optimises the turning circle. It provides a little assistance for parking manoeuvres and keeps driving consistency more sustained.


    Specific filtering of the subframe and hinges are designed to deal with impacts and road surface conditions.

  • Additional sound deadening foam pads and panels in the structure and opening elements;

  • The design of penetrating parts and joints made of absorbent materials;

  • Window thickness of 3.85 mm and even 4.46 mm for the windscreen also integrating a soundproof layer.



    Top-of-the-range, modern and connected safety and comfort equipment


    Making access on board easy

    Hands-free sliding side doors can be opened or closed even with your arms full. This equipment, unique on the market, unlocks and opens the sliding side doors with a simple foot action, you just need to have the electronic key on you. It also closes and locks the vehicle automatically.

    The motor-operated sliding doors are opened by push button in the front seats and in row 2 rear seats to make the driver's life and passenger access on board easier. They can be combined with the Hands-Free Access and Starting (HFAS) system.


    For calm and connected journeys

    The PEUGEOT Traveller inaugurates a new 7" capacitive touch-screen, in addition to the multimedia system. All of the services dedicated to simplifying journeys and driving are all here. Simply touch the screen lightly with your finger or use voice control.

    Voice recognition provides additional security in particular for using the Navigation, Telephone and Media features without taking your eyes off the road.

  • TomTom Traffic real-time traffic information;

  • The location and prices of Service stations and Car parks;

  • Weather information;

  • Local search of points of interest (POI).

    Alert Zones 2 complete the offer as an option.

    Thanks to real-time traffic information, this new PEUGEOT navigation system saves time and brings peace of mind by avoiding traffic jams.

    Connection to PEUGEOT Connect services is automatic and at no extra cost with PEUGEOT Connect SOS & Assistance (SIM card and data included), if the vehicle is equipped with it. If this is not the case, connection can be made by tethering (modem method) via a smartphone connected by USB, Bluetooth or WiFi.


    Renewal of the Peugeot Connect Nav Pack costs €60 for 12 months or €130 for 3 years.

    Subscription to the Alert Zones costs €99 for 12 months or €199 for 3 years.


    PEUGEOT Connect Nav also integrates the Mirror Screen function so that you can use your smartphone's applications on the PEUGEOT Traveller's 7" touch-screen in complete safety. The Mirror Screen is offered with both Apple CarPlayTM and Mirrorlink® technology to guarantee a wider range of compatible smartphones.


    For intuitive driving in complete safety

    For even more comfortable and safe driving, the PEUGEOT Traveller has a wide range of latest generation driving assistance devices. Some have been fitted to a vehicle from the PEUGEOT range for the very first time: Driving time warning system, Driver Attention Alert, Road sign reading with speed limit recommendation system and Active Safety Brake.

    The Driving time warning system, as standard, alerts the driver after 2 hours of uninterrupted driving at a speed of 65 km/h or above. A warning light accompanied with a "Think to take a break" message reminds him of this on the instrument panel.

    Blind Spot Monitoring alerts the driver of the presence of a vehicle in the adjacent right or left-hand lane in his blind spot. This equipment is available with front and rear parking assistance or VisioPark 1.


    VisioPark 1 completes the front and rear radar parking assistance equipment, or rear radar with reversing camera offer. It provides a 180° overhead view of the rear zone of the vehicle and its environment. The image is created by the reversing camera as the vehicle reverses. The rear view includes guide lines that rotate with the steering wheel. As soon as an obstacle is detected, the automatic zoom feature above the rear zone is used to view the distance from it. Reversing manoeuvres and the vehicle's alignment with parking space lines and obstacles are therefore made easy and the vehicle's integrity is secured.


    Grip Control is an enhanced traction control system, patented by the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group. It extends the usability of the PEUGEOT Traveller on roads or tracks with low levels of grip allowing the vehicle to continue to make progress in a situation where a 2-wheel drive vehicle would remain stuck.

    Versatile and flexible, it adapts to the conditions encountered by acting on the front driving wheels, while leaving the driver in control at all times. At any time, the driver can effectively choose to allow this equipment to use its intelligence to function in Standard mode or select the desired mode using the dial on the dashboard central panel: Snow, Off-Road, Sand, ESP Off.


    The Safety Pack, available as an option, integrates the Visibility Pack and four items of equipment that use the multi-function camera located at the top of the windscreen:

  • < > Road Sign Reading and Speed Limit Recommendation system recognises speed limit signs and alerts the driver of this limit on the instrument panel. The speed read is suggested to the driver as the setpoint value for his speed limiter or cruise control. The driver can accept this suggestion, in just 2 presses. One press for selection and one for confirmation effectively prevents any unintentional action;< > Driver Attention Alert measures the vehicle's swaying via the camera and steering wheel angle sensor. A visual and audible alert forces the driver to pay better attention;< > Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) detects when the vehicle crosses a solid or broken white line marked on the road. In this situation, if the flashing light is inactive, the driver is alerted by visual and audible feedback on the instrument panel;

    Automatic main beam switching enabled at night automatically switches the headlights from main beam to dipped beam and vice-versa depending on other vehicles detected by the camera.

  • < > active Cruise Control is a cruise control/speed limiter system with extended regulation function in relation to the distance from the vehicle in front. This function is particularly suitable for motorway driving conditions in moderately heavy or fluid traffic avoiding systematic disconnection of the cruise control every time a vehicle is in front. Effectively, as soon as the radar detects a vehicle, a constant space is maintained by automatically reducing the vehicle's speed up to 20 km/h via the engine brake by activating the accelerator. When the lane is free, the cruise control resumes the speed initially requested. If deceleration of 20 km/h is not enough to maintain this space, the cruise control alerts the driver and gives control of the speed back to the driver;< > Distance Alert warns the driver of an imminent risk of collision to make him react. This visual and audible warning occurs just before the Active Safety Brake is activated;< > Active Safety Brake is a new generation of automatic emergency braking system. The camera and the radar detect the imminent collision with any moving or stationary obstacle. In this case, if the driver fails to brake or does not brake enough, the system applies maximum braking instead of the driver. It helps to avoid the impact (up to 30 km/h) or reduce its consequences whatever the vehicle's speed with deceleration up to 1 g.

    2 passenger-side glove compartments, a larger 7-litre refrigerated compartment can contain 5 small 0.5 l bottles, and a smaller 5-litre compartment and a 5-litre A4 format closed storage box above the instrument panel used, for example, for keeping your tablet or smartphone safe from prying eyes;

  • 2 cup holders on either side of the dashboard both accommodating a 0.5 l bottle;

  • A storage area in the centre of the dashboard;

  • In each front door, a storage compartment and a large 8-litre door tray can contain two 1.5 l bottles;

  • A 5-litre storage compartment in each sliding side door;

  • An 8-litre storage compartment in the 2-seater front passenger bench seat configuration can contain a pack of six 0.5 l bottles.