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XY Concept: Exclusive and Urban GTi Concept: The Re-Generation of a Legend


Peugeot is revealing two concept cars in Geneva, the XY Concept and the GTi Concept, which present two expressions of the Marque's upmarket trend, in the supermini segment. These concept cars interpret the generation leap already defined by the 208 in different contexts. The XY Concept is intended for city dwellers who love distinction and refinement, whereas the GTi Concept re-generates a legend.

The XY Concept and GTi Concept show off exclusive and sophisticated colours and news ways of working with materials.

Introduced on the 208 and particularly charismatic, their front face sees the light signature of the lamps refined by their Full-LED functions and a flat-guide latest generation light guide. A prominent expression visible both day and night!
Using the same Full-LED technology, the front direction indicators surround the main beam headlamps giving these concept cars the impression of having an iris. Rich yet also light, the internal headlamp units are rectangular and, on the main beams, the floating trim suggests a feline pupil … a technological and precise expression that is dear to the Marque!
This precision continues with the perfect integration of style components in the bodywork. The wheel arches are fitted with wing extenders and the bodywork with body sills, which hug the wheels.

XY Concept, urban chic
Powered by the 1.6 e-HDi, developing 84 kW (115 hp) and equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox the XY Concept transports its occupants in a refined environment, the signature colour of which is crimson, adorning both the bodywork and the passenger compartment.

Clothed in the Pulsion shade, the XY Concept appears to change constantly, depending on the distance and the position from which it is viewed. This ability to transform is the result of an exclusive method, based on the very precise application of sixteen coats of paint and varnish.
The passenger compartment is punctuated with crimson leather, natural, with tone on tone stitching: dashboard, armrests, steering wheel rings, gear lever gaiter and sides, strips on seat inserts, mats with a silky feel … The panoramic glass roof is trimmed in black leather.
On board, the driver takes his place in a pearly grey leather seat with a backrest this is pleated. This relief effect is obtained using five metal rings, which pinch and tauten the material. The precision in the working of the material continues with an exclusive steering wheel in leather, with crimson microstripes and a chrome insert in the lower section. Bathed in the natural light provided by the panoramic glass roof, with white ambiance lighting, the finishing touches to the interior add a "gunmetal" aesthetic treatment to the door crossbars, steering wheel decorations and vent trims.