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PEUGEOT LEGEND Collection: Neo Retro bicycles for everybody

Tue, 17/04/2018 - 04:00

PEUGEOT launches a new range of LEGEND bicycles, inspired by the styling of the brand's iconic models. Intended for all the family, the collection will delight all those looking for retro bikes that are both comfortable and reliable.
The styling of the frames and the timeless black and white chequered design bring to mind the legendary PEUGEOT bicycles built during a history stretching back over 130 years.
Designed first and foremost for urban use, the LEGEND collection includes different styles: Fixie, urban, Road and City. The Junior collection offers a stylish introduction to cycling for children aged 2 to 6.

PEUGEOT LEGEND models LC01 - City

Distinguished by an emblematic PEUGEOT LEGEND triple lion chainset, the robust steel frame and vintage colours symbolise the identity of the PEUGEOT Cycles adventure. With its comfortable saddle, featuring an embossed logo and matching handlebar grips, you’ll be cycling with style. Available in white, orange or green. Normal retail price: €499 incl. VAT

The LC01 N7 model features a steel frame and lugged fork. It takes its inspiration directly from the most emblematic PEUGEOT bicycles. A PEUGEOT LEGEND chainset with the triple lion is allied with the latest technology in the form of a Shimano Nexus 7-speed rear hub. This transmission makes stop start riding easy since it possible to change gears while stationary. Available in Gold. Normal retail price: €699

The LC01 D7+ bike features the iconic chequered black and white design. Featuring a 21-speed Shimano derailleur, it is perfect for cycling in the city. The dynamo hub front lighting and tyres with reflective strips make urban riding safe and convenient. Available in blue or orange. Normal retail price: €599 incl. VAT

PEUGEOT LEGEND LU01 – Fixie urban

Designed for the city, the LU01 bicycle features a fixed gear. The design is a nod to the first PEUGEOT bicycles built in 1885, which had a similar transmission system. This bicycle allies tradition with the latest trends. This steel framed bike is equipped with a 42 teeth chainset paired with a 8-tooth rear sprocket. Available in orange. Normal retail price: € 599 incl. VAT


The LR01 is built around the most iconic PEUGEOT bicycle frame design. Agile and dynamic, it is ideal for cycling round today’s cities. With its lugged steel frame and flat handlebars, this comfortable, manoeuvrable bicycle will take you across the city. The LR01 features a Shimano 16-speed drivetrain. Available in white. Normal retail price: €749 incl. VAT

PEUGEOT LEGEND - Kids’ bikes

This ageless, iconic bicycle has been enjoyed by generations of kids aged 2 to 6. These functional models feature a freewheel to simplify kids first bike rides, along with training wheels for greater stability. The aluminium frame is lightweight and robust. V-Brake brakes ensure maximum safety. Available in three sizes (12 / 14 and 16 inches). Normal retail price: LEGEND 12: €179 incl. VAT / LEGEND 14: €199 incl. VAT / LEGEND 16:  €229 incl. VAT

All the bicycles in the PEUGEOT LEGEND range are available from PEUGEOT dealers and from VELO & OXYGEN stores.  
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