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PEUGEOT Lifestyle : pens, mugs and umbrellas with an identity design


PEUGEOT Design Lab, the PEUGEOT Brand design studio, has made its mark on the design of these essential objects of everyday life. Their sharp design,  ergonomics and manufacturing quality embody the upmarket move of PEUGEOT. To satisfy all the Lion’s fans desires, these gratifying new PEUGEOT lifestyle products are available in thematic collections: PEUGEOT Sport, LEGEND, Electric, 208, 2008 and Corporate. These new pens, mugs and umbrellas are available now on the PEUGEOT online store

The designers of the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio have taken care of the style, graphics, ergonomics and manufacturing quality of each object to shape their unique identity.

  • The pens are made up of metal and embody a smart « twist » closure system. Their sharp style mixes curves and tightened lines, echoing the outlines of the recent PEUGEOT models.
  • The ceramic Mugs style, with its specific geometric handle, is a nod to the latest PEUGEOT cars grilles.
  • The umbrellas integrate an ergonomic handle (depending on models), which makes it easier to hold. The double clear fabric (depending on models), guarantees seal and enhances their style. The colour touches on the ribs (depending on models) customize the umbrellas.

To satisfy the community of the PEUGEOT fans, 5 pens, 5 mugs and 7 umbrellas, essential objects of everyday life, are available in thematic collections. The racing fans will choose the PEUGEOT Sport collection. The retro and trendy style addicts will choose the LEGEND collection, which objects are hallmarked with the iconic gilded Lion on a black or white background. Technophiles will opt for the Electric collection, featured with intense blue or green colour touches. They will also opt for the 208 or 2008 collections. The PEUGEOT Corporate collection, featured with sober and elegant patterns, will satisfy the Brand enthusiasts.

The new pens (€5 incl. VAT), mugs (€12 incl. VAT) and umbrellas (€16 to €30 incl. VAT) are available on the online store These new lifestyle products complete the luggage range and garments collections PEUGEOT LEGEND and LEGEND 504, designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio as well.