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PEUGEOT: a new line of lifestyle products and garments to celebrate its 210th anniversary


On 26th September 2020, PEUGEOT will celebrate 210 years of history. The Lion Brand pays tribute to its anniversary through the lifestyle collection “SINCE 1810“. Dedicated to fans of the brand, it features a timeless design. The collectors will enjoy the keyring or the mug, essential objects of everyday life, and the chic and sober black or white garments as well. The exclusive pepper mill and kitchen apron, that complete the collection, are a nod to the PEUGEOT expertise in tableware. PEUGEOT Design Lab, the global Brand design studio, signs the logo that celebrates the 210th anniversary. This special logo is inspired by the original one, side-on and underlined by an arrow. These new PEUGEOT Lifestyle items bearing this emblem are available now from the online store

The lifestyle black or white new clothing line decorated with the emblem “SINCE 1810”, can be worn year-round by the PEUGEOT addicts. The Lion fans will be proud to wear the T-Shirts (€ 17,90 inc. VAT), the hoodies (€ 48 inc. VAT) or the zip-up hoodies (€ 50 inc. VAT). The enamelled black key ring (€ 13,50 inc. VAT) or the metallic black or white mugs (€ 9,90 inc. VAT) will brighten the PEUGEOT enthusiasts’ everyday life. An exclusive glossy black pepper mill (“Paris” model, height 30 centimetres, € 70 inc. VAT) and a kitchen apron (€ 39 inc. VAT) decorated with the embroidered Lion complete the collection.

The designers of the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio created the special logo, celebrating the 210th anniversary of the brand, which decorates the “SINCE 1810” lifestyle collection. The black and white colours of the logo underline sobriety and frugality, PEUGEOT's mantra. The circle surrounding the Lion asserts the logo as an emblem, a label that everyone will be proud to make their own. The Lion, ambassador of the Brand, is pictured side-on and is underlined by an arrow. This refers to the oldest existing PEUGEOT logo (registered in 1858) which symbolises the three qualities of the PEUGEOT saw blades produced right at the very start of the brand: flexibility, tooth strength and cutting speed. The arrow enshrines the notion of speed.

The new PEUGEOT lifestyle collection “SINCE 1810” items are available on the online store They complete the luggage range and garments collections PEUGEOT LEGEND and LEGEND 504, also designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio.