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Peugeot presents a range of collectors’ toys for all ages

Wed, 13/07/2016 - 04:00

Peugeot Design Lab has put the talent of its stylist Sylvain Henry to good use to design toys in partnership with Baghera. Peugeot unveils two ride-ons inspired by the emblematic pre-war 402 Darl’mat and the L45 metal miniature, a replica of the racing car that won the Grand Prix of Indianapolis 100 years ago. The 402 Darl’mat ride-ons, available in Blue or Beige, are available to buy from the Peugeot online store. The L45 completes the Peugeot miniatures range and will be available at the end of the summer.

“We have chosen to put a new spin on two of the flagship models of Peugeot, one of the oldest automotive makes. By designing these toys, it's like getting to share children’s playtime and offer them their first automotive experience. You can’t put a price on that,” says Sylvain Henry, Peugeot Design Lab Stylist.
Peugeot produces its range of toys in partnership with Baghera. A family-run firm, BAGHERA has designed ride-ons, metal cars and wooden toys for over 15 years. Special care is taken when designing and producing the toys to ensure high quality and child safety.

Peugeot 402 Darl’mat ride-ons: on your marks!

Peugeot presents two stylish, vintage ride-ons to appeal to young racing drivers. Available in two colours and with a €149 price tag, these ride-ons are directly inspired by the Peugeot 402 Coupé, built by Darl’mat in 1935: the blue Darl’mat ride-on pays tribute to the 402 that competed at Le Mans before the war, and the beige Darl’Mat ride-on is a nod to the style and dynamism that is still found within Peugeot today.

Peugeot L45 mini car: an American icon.

The Peugeot L45 Metal Miniature will delight collectors young and old.
Available at the end of summer and with a €39.90 price tag, this miniature with tapered rear pays tribute to the Peugeot L45 driven to victory by Dario Resta at the legendary Indianapolis 500 a century ago. Symbolic of the brand’s past commitment to automotive competition and Peugeot's international influence, the L45 has now been reinterpreted as the Peugeot L500 R Hybrid virtual concept racing car.

Peugeot metal and wooden miniatures: something for everyone.

With the L45, Peugeot adds to its range of miniatures already available in the store:
- three Peugeot 402 Metal Minis priced at €39.90: the sculpted blue, yellow and black 402 Darl’Mat Coupés, and the black 402 Andreau with its distinctive rear spoiler designed by the engineer of the same name.
- two Peugeot 205 Wooden Minis priced at €19: the red 205 GTi and the white 205 Rallye in Peugeot Sport colours.

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