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PEUGEOT reveals its new miniatures 208


PEUGEOT sells the miniatures Cars of the Year 2020: the PEUGEOT e-208 and 208. Two miniatures in 1/43rd scale will satisfy collectors. Three miniatures in «3 inches» scale are dedicated to young and adult fans of the Lion brand. The irresistible design of the miniatures is faithful to the New PEUGEOT 208, as well as the bright and toned metallic colours Blue Vertigo, Faro Yellow and Elixir Red. The PEUGEOT 208 models are available now on the PEUGEOT online store

The miniatures PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 in 1/43rd scale are intended for collectors. They show the colours of their launch: Vertigo Blue on the miniature-208 GT and Faro Yellow on the miniature 208 GT Line. The glass roof allows you to admire their technological interior. The miniatures PEUGEOT 208 in 3-inch scale will delight young and old alike. They are available in the colours Elixir Red, Vertigo Blue or Faro Yellow with a Black Diamond roof.

The sharp and desirable design of the New PEUGEOT 208, which contributed to the Car of the Year 2020 Award victory, is faithfully reproduced on the metal miniatures, manufactured by NOREV. The full-LED 3-claw headlights sign the front, the black band integrates the rear lights and the glossy black wheel arches distinguish the New PEUGEOT 208 at first glance. The front grille of the e-208 1/43rd scale, echoing the body paint Blue Vertigo, completes the attention to details.

The miniatures PEUGEOT 208 in « 3 inches » (€ 5 in. CAT) and in 1/43 scale (€ 39 inc. VAT) are available on the PEUGEOT online store
These new miniatures complete the range of miniatures PEUGEOT, recent, sporty or iconic.