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Peugeot unveils the Series 3 of LEO’Z art toys

Wed, 30/11/2016 - 09:00

Peugeot Design Lab and ARTOYZ are launching the next series of 12 lion figurines. The LEO’Z  Series 3 designed by a selection of international artists to both indulge existing collectors and make the toys irresistible to those who are new to the collection. This limited series is available now for €12.90 (€140 for the 12 LEO’Z display) at PEUGEOT Avenue Paris and from the online PEUGEOT store.

The LEO’Z 2016 collection once again follows the winning combination of the previous collections. Each LEO’Z design reflects is an expression of the world unique to each of the 12 individual artists: architecture, graffiti, street art, comics or web design.

The LEO’Z Art Toys series 3: colourful creations by international artists

- 6 LEO’Z Art Toys have been created by internationally acclaimed artists: Joe Ledbetter (USA), Olla Boku (Taiwan), Nathan Jurevicius (Australia), Igor Ventura (Brazil), Tougui and Superdeux (France).

“Kaiju (Japanese monsters) and my love of owls inspired me for the design of this LEO’Z”.
Nathan Jurevicius, Australian graphist established in Canada.

- 6 other LEO’Z Art Toys have been created by Peugeot artists: Han (China), Guillaume Josson, TOF, Mathilde Rollin, Cyrielle Lecher and Brice (France).

“My inspiration stems from a Nail Art. The print in bright coulours highlights this LEO’Z, turning the vinyle into a porcelain appearance”. Cyrielle Lecher, PEUGEOT designer.

The Art Toys LEO’Z: a success story

Since 2014 no fewer than 26,000 collectors have fallen for the LEO’Z art toys created by the Paris based Peugeot Design Lab and ARTOYZ. The Series 3 follows the Series 1 & 2, as well as the limited editions that Roland Garros and the Peugeot 2008 DKR LEO’Z.

The story of the Art Toys began in 2012 with 10 unique handmade lions created for display at PEUGEOT Avenue Paris. These original Lions were inspired by the LEO mascot created by PEUGEOT’s designer Christophe Pialat. Decorated by designers from Peugeot Design Lab, these unique items were a nod to the combination of copper and carbon that adorns the PEUGEOT Onyx concept car.


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