Portugal has chosen PEUGEOT as the No. 1 Brand Consumer choice for the 8th consecutive year


Portuguese consumers started 2021 by once again selecting the PEUGEOT brand as the "No. 1 Brand, Consumer Choice". This is the 8th consecutive year that the brand has received this recognition, surpassing 10 of its competitors in the generalist brand segment.

This distinction comes as PEUGEOT Portugal closes 2020 with 21,494 units sold and a market share of 12.4%. It is the only car brand in the Portuguese market to have increased its market share for 11 consecutive years.

In 2020, three models awarded "Car of the Year" were all simultaneously available in the Portuguese range: the new PEUGEOT 208 and e-208 (chosen in 2020), the PEUGEOT 3008 (chosen in 2017) and the PEUGEOT 308 (chosen in 2014).

For the 8th consecutive year, PEUGEOT has strengthened its position as a benchmark brand among Portuguese consumers, winning the title of "Consumer Choice 2021" in a survey of 1,670 people carried out by ConsumerChoice - the Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Centre. With a score of 89.92% and the best satisfaction index in its category, PEUGEOT came top out of 11 generalist car brands, all candidates for the "Consumer Choice" award.

This distinction once again pays tribute to the brand image and success of PEUGEOT in Portugal, bolstered by a permanent move upmarket and an electrification strategy which, combined with a complete service offer, enables PEUGEOT to offer its customers 7 100% electric or rechargeable hybrid models, in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments.

"We feel immensely proud and satisfied with this recognition awarded by Portuguese consumers. Especially at the end of 2020, a year which has proved to be particularly demanding, and which has necessitated new responses in the context of the pandemic, still very much relevant today. This "2021 Consumer Choice Award" reaffirms the importance of PEUGEOT for Portuguese customers, which is strengthened by the sales results that the brand has recorded on the Portuguese market in 2020. It is in fact the only automotive brand to see its market share increase for the 11th consecutive year. These results underline the relevance of our choices and strategy. We have been able to focus all our efforts, objectives and resources in one and the same direction: the customer. These successes, both in terms of image and sales, are due not only to the positioning of our range of products and related services, with a particular focus on electrification, but also to all the energy and commitment of our teams, who strive daily to make life easier for our customers. I am referring in particular to the PEUGEOT Dealerships who, despite the enormous uncertainties of a market hampered by the covid-19 pandemic, have done a remarkable job", emphasises Jorge Tomé, Managing Director of PEUGEOT Portugal.

Victory in the category bolstered by a 3rd place in absolute terms

PEUGEOT's strong score of 89.92% is the result of the combination of the 90.10% achieved for the "Satisfaction" criterion and the 88.70% in the "Purchase Intention/Recommendation". Two very positive results. In addition, PEUGEOT recorded the best result on 6 of the 10 evaluation criteria with scores above 9 points, with the maximum being 10 points.

Bearing in mind all the activity categories analysed, PEUGEOT’s score of 89.92% by Portuguese consumers placed the brand on the 3rd step of the podium out of a total of 724 brands from different sectors (a total of 218,641 evaluations), further underlining its status as a reference brand. Lisbon Oceanarium (93.07%) came top, followed by the hospital group Lusíadas Saúde (90.72%), and then PEUGEOT.

Non-stop growth in market share over the last 11 years

PEUGEOT is the only automotive brand to have experienced non-stop growth in its market share, year after year, over the last 11 years. In 2020, PEUGEOT Portugal sold a total of 21,494 vehicles and increased its market share to 12.4%, compared with 11.8% at the end of 2019.

Among the range of models available on the Portuguese market are no less than 3 models awarded "Car of the Year" in Europe: the new PEUGEOT 208, chosen in 2020, which embodies the brand's strategy of "power of choice" by offering its customers three types energy: electric, petrol or diesel; the PEUGEOT 3008, chosen in 2017 and now arriving in the brand's dealership network in its new version, with internal combustion engines and rechargeable hybrids; and finally the PEUGEOT 308, "Car of the Year” in 2014, recently introduced in Portugal with a new range.