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The Sea Drive Concept by PEUGEOT and BENETEAU wins the JANUS Prospective Award

Mon, 17/12/2018 - 09:30

The Sea Drive Concept, designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab for BENETEAU, received this award from the French Institute of Design during the ceremony held on 17 December at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris. The jury appreciated the ergonomics and streamlined look of this nautical dashboard, inspired by the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, as well as its Ship Control® connected technology developed by BENETEAU. It also recognised the cooperation between automotive and nautical designers to create a concept that undoubtedly represents the future of nautical dashboards.

The Sea Drive Concept wins the JANUS Prospective Award

It is the first award received by the Sea Drive Concept. This concept bridge maximises the ergonomics, agility and control of a powerboats captain. Its modern design is constructed around a seamless blend of touchscreens and physical buttons. Its premium materials from stitched Nappa leather and satin chrome keys, are proof of PEUGEOT’s expertise.

“We are proud to receive the JANUS Prospective Award. It recognises the cooperation between BENETEAU and PEUGEOT at the service of ships captains. Innovation is part of the DNA of the two brands. The Sea Drive Concept® combines BENETEAU’s Ship Control® technology and the ergonomics of PEUGEOT’s i-Cockpit®,” declared Luca Brancaleon, General Manager of BENETEAU.

The Ship Control® interface is an onboard computer which assists in both navigation and life onboard the boat. Its connectivity allows the crew members to consult information about the boat: navigation, engine regime, control of the level of the batteries and reservoirs, air conditioning, lighting, and Hi-Fi.

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is a symbol of PEUGEOT’s expertise and has already convinced over five million drivers. The Sea Drive Concept has the same characteristics. The compact steering wheel facilitates maneuverability, the touchscreen allows the driver to access the boat’s functionalities via the Ship Control® interface, and the toggle switches control the main functions. A detachable tablet, specific to the Sea Drive Concept, shows navigation information at eye-level.

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The PEUGEOT Global Brand Design studio is devoted to designing non-automotive projects. It benefits from over 200 years of industrial know-how built up by PEUGEOT and can count on the ideas and expertise of the 12,000 engineers at Groupe PSA. In its six years of existence, the studio has worked on over 60 projects, such as the H160 helicopter designed for Airbus and the style identity of Bombardier. The studio specialises in brand creation, product design, machining and communication.

The JANUS labels of excellence are awarded by the French Institute of Design and recognise innovative creations. The jury of 50 independent experts evaluates the projects according to five criteria: Economy, Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Ethics and Emotion. The JANUS labels have existed for 65 years.

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