In September and October, the entrance to the PEUGEOT Museum in Sochaux is only 1€ | Media Peugeot International

In September and October, the entrance to the PEUGEOT Museum in Sochaux is only 1€


On 26th September 2020 PEUGEOT will kick off the celebrations of 210 years of boldness, passion and innovation.
On 26th September 1810, the PEUGEOT Frères Aînés company was officially founded by a contribution in cash deed recorded in a register that you can still find in the Terre-Blanche Archives (Doubs). For more than two centuries, the PEUGEOT family has been present for the fashion revolution in the 19th century - with the steel-wire in the crinoline skirts - and then the mobility revolution, with bicycles and cars. It is a brand shaped by creatives, engineers, designers, who for more than two centuries have been shaking up the norms to revamp the standards of mobility. It is through this alliance of men and women that PEUGEOT has never stopped reinventing itself as a brand and has become ever stronger over the years to face the future with serenity.
On the occasion of the celebrations for the 210th anniversary of the brand, admission to the Musée de l'Aventure PEUGEOT in Sochaux will be offered at €1 for all visitors, from 1st September to 31st October.

Entrance to the PEUGEOT Musée de l’Aventure in Sochaux is offered to the public at the symbolic price of 1€ from 1st September to 31st October.
The Musée de l'Aventure PEUGEOT is one of the must-see sites in the East of France, which bears witness to two centuries of the industrial saga of the Lion brand. It is located in Sochaux and has been steeped in the historical stronghold of the PEUGEOT brand's productions from 1810 to the present day.

This is an opportunity for the public to discover the exhibition "ELECTRIQUES* ", The e-vehicles of the Lion from 1941 to 2010.
Through this exhibition, visitors will be able to discover some of the most emblematic electric models of the PEUGEOT brand: from the 1941 VLV to the 2010 EX1 concept car and the 1993 106 ELECTRIC.

Or that PEUGEOT had already imagined the hybrid as early as 1917, electric vans with bodywork by Janoir in 1926 or electric prototypes based on 202 in 1940. All of these projects demonstrate the PEUGEOT brand's commitment to innovation.